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Germany APS Certifictes for Indian Students for German Study Visa

Germany APS (Akademische Prüfstelle) certificates are required for Indian students pursuing higher education in Germany. The German APS certificate is a document that verifies an Indian student’s academic and professional qualifications and is required to obtain a student visa for Germany. Read more about APS Certificate Germany for Indian Students, APS certificate payment, Validity, How to apply and documents required etc .


German APS Certificate Process

To obtain an APS certificate, Indian students must provide documentation of their academic qualifications, including transcripts and certificates of completed degrees and any professional experience. The APS process is lengthy, and students should allow at least two weeks to 1 month in completing the process. Indian students can apply for the APS certificate online and send the documents to the APS Delhi office in India by courier or in person. The APS certificate is valid for three years, and Indian students must provide updated documentation if they plan to apply for a student visa after that period. In summary, Indian students who wish to study in Germany must obtain APS certificates to verify their academic and professional qualifications. The process can take several months, and students should plan accordingly. 

APS Certificate Germany Requirements

APS stands for “Akademische Prüfstelle”, a German organization responsible for reviewing foreign degrees to determine their equivalence to German degrees. Below is the process for applying for German APS certificate in India.

1.       Visit the APS Certificate India Website

2.      Download the APS Certificate form from the website

3.      Provide all necessary information

4.     Make the APS payment , RS 18000

5.     Send the colour photocopies of the documents in A4 size to the APS Delhi office ( Address given below) by courier or in persos

6.     After completing the process, The APS in Delhi will check the authenticity of the certificates with the respective universities or colleges and take a decision accordingly.

7.     Sometimes they may call the students for an interview, and the APS certificate will be awarded after the completion of the interview. 

8.The APS certificates of the successful students will be mailed and send the copies to their address

Is APS compulsory for a German Visa?

Yes. According to the information from the official website of the German Embassy, APS (Academic Evaluation) is compulsory for students who have completed their education in India and some other countries to apply for a German study visa. 

Documents required for APS certificate for Students Applying for Bachelor’s Programs


·        Signed APS Application form. You can download the APS form here


·        APS Consent Form : Download the APS form here

·        2. Copy of APS Fee receipt

·        Copy of Aadhar Card

·        Coy of passport

·        Copies of 10th, 12th  Certificates and Mark sheets

·        Copies of Degree Certificate and Mark lists

·        5. English /German proficiency certificates

·        6. Copy of TestAS Results 

·        7. Copies of Entrance Exam Results

APS German Visa Process

German Study Visa Process after APS Certificate – in Brief

  • Apply for an APS certificate from the German APS centre in Delhi.
  • Apply for admission to a German university or educational institution.
  • Once you receive an acceptance letter, gather all required documents.
  • Book an appointment at your home country’s German embassy or consulate.
  • Attend German student visa interview
  • Wait for the embassy to process and approve your visa application.
  •  If your German study visa is approved, you can fly to Germany.
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Why Germany made APS compulsory for Indian students?


From the 2023 winter intake in German universities, APS is mandatory for Indian and students from other countries like Pakistan and Nepal to apply for admission to German study programs. The reason behind the APS certificate for Indian students is the increasing number of fake educational certificates being submitted by Indian students.


Germany APS Certificates India- Highlights

Issuing Authority

APS Delhi India


Certificate Verification

Is APS Mandatory

APS is mandatory to study in German universities

Processing Time

10 Days to 1 Month

APS Payment

RS18000 for 5 Certificates

Extra Documents Charge

RS 500/Certificate

Mode of Application


APS India Website

APS Delhi Address

Gate No. 3, DLTA Complex, R.K. Khanna Stadium, 110029. New Delhi, India

APS for Indian students to study in Germany- FAQ

1. What is APS Certificate for German study visa , and why is it required for Indian students ?
APS stands for “Akademische Prüfstelle” and is a certification process that evaluates the student’s academic qualifications and language proficiency. Indian students who wish to study in Germany must prove the authenticity of their education qualification through the APS agency in Delhi.

 2. How can I apply for an APS certification in India?
 Indian students can apply for an APS certification by visiting the APS India website,

3. What documents are required for an APS certificate?
The required documents for German APS certificates for Indian students are 12th all certificates, Degree and PG all certificates, academic transcripts, mark lists, language proficiency certificates(not compulsory), and passport etc.

4. How long does it take to obtain APS certification?
The duration of the APS certification process may vary depending upon the case’s complexity. Usually it takes 10 days to 1 month.

5. What is the cost of obtaining an APS certification?
The APS Certification cost is EUR 225. For Indian students, the current APS fee is Rs 18000. Indian students are advised to contact the APS centre in Delhi for updated information on APS fees. 

6. Do I need to submit my original certificates for APS certification?
No, Original Certificates are not required for German APS. Only colour photocopies of original documents in A-4 size is required.

7. Who are eligible to apply for German APS?
Anyone, regardless of nationality, seeking or having obtained an education qualification from any of the recognized institutes in India can submit an application for an APS certificate at the APS India website.

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