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A Guide to Nurse Vacancy in Germany for Staff Nurses & BSc Nurses

Germany is a highly sought-after country for many reasons, including its unique healthcare system that caters to its citizens, particularly older people. However, despite the country’s high standards, the number of German nationals pursuing nursing as a career is quite low, resulting in a shortage of trained nursing staff. This is where Indian nurses come in, as they are in high demand in Germany due to their training, dedication, caring nature, and proficiency in English. This article aims to provide an overview of nurse vacancy in Germany, Staff nurse jobs in Germany, BSc nursing jobs in Germany, and other nursing job vacancies in Germany for Indian Nurses. This article also provides information about the qualifications and requirements for Indian nurses, language proficiency, job opportunities, salary and benefits, visa and work permit processes, cultural differences and adjustments, and opportunities for professional development.

Minimum Educational Qualification

To apply for the nurse vacancies in Germany, Indian nurses must meet specific educational and professional experience requirements that are on par with their German counterparts. They must hold a Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) or a BSc in Nursing from an accredited institution approved by the Indian Nursing Council and have at least six months of professional experience in nursing. Additionally, Indian nurses must possess a valid nursing license to practice in India and be proficient in German. The other important requirement for Indian nurses to apply for the nurse vacancy in Germany in Germany is proficiency in German.


Details of Nurse Vacancies in Germany -2023

As more German people get older every year, the number of nurses required for health care also increases yearly. The lack of interest among German citizens in nursing jobs and the increasing nurse demand has compelled the authorities to look for foreign nurses. Further, more than 40% of the existing nursing staff will retire in the next 10 years, affecting nursing care and creating more problems in healthcare management. As per the estimate, Germany is expected to face a shortage of around half a million nurses by 2030, while the number of people needing care is expected to cross 5 million. In order to fill the nurse vacancies in Germany, the authorities are also planning to reduce the German language requirement to A2 to attract more foreign nurses to Germany.

nurse vacancy in Germany

Benefits of Nursing Jobs in Germany

  • High Demand: Nursing is highly demanding due to the increased population and health issues among senior citizens.
  • Secured Job

The nursing profession is highly secure – no fear of recession and job loss.

  • Family Visa

Nurses are permitted to bring their families to Germany.

  • P.R. Eligibility

Apply for Permanent Residency after a few years of living in Germany.

  • Work-Life Balance

Germany is known for its work-life balance. Nurses can opt for certain hours or days according to their requirements.

  • Overtime Job & Extra Income

Want to earn more? Due to the nurse shortage of nursing professionals, there are a lot of job opportunities in Germany that allow them to work more and earn extra income.

  • Unlimited Job Contract

Nurses in Germany can switch their job through mutual agreement and work anywhere that suit their requirements.

Language Requirements for Nurses


The most important aspect of the German Nursing Programs for Indian Nurses is German language proficiency. German knowledge is mandatory for Indian nurses who wish to work in Germany. To apply for a nurse job in Germany, Indian nurses must have a minimum level of A2 or B1 level proficiency in German language. Many language courses and resources are available for Indian nurses who wish to improve their German language skills. Interested nurses can learn German from any center in their locality or online and appear in the German language exam conducted by the German language testing bodies like the Goethe, Telc, ACL, etc., before applying for nursing vacancies in Germany.

Types of Nursing Vacancies in Germany

Many types of nursing jobs are available for Indian nurses in Germany, including hospital nursing, home care nursing, and nursing in long-term care facilities like nursing homes. Nurses’ salaries and working nature will differ in hospitals and other medical setups. Nurses planning to apply for jobs in Germany can search for nursing jobs through online German job portals and Indian nursing placement agencies like GoGermany for nurse vacancies in Germany.



According to the Glassdoor salary report of Germany nurses published in June 2023, the average monthly salary for nurses in Germany is around €3015 per month (INR 2, 66500). Depending on the location and nature of nursing duties, salary, and other benefits will differ. Nurses in Germany are also eligible for other benefits such as health insurance, paid vacation time, and retirement benefits.


Visa And Work Permit Process for Indian Nurses

Indian nurses who wish to apply for a nurse vacancy in Germany must first obtain a job offer and a visa to travel and work in Germany. The hospital authorities or employers will issue the job offer after completing the process, like verification of documents, German language assessment, and professional experience. Once the job offer is issued, the applicant can apply for a visa through any VFS visa center and
appear for the visa interview either in New Delhi German Embassy or any other German consulate in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc. The visa and work permit process can be complex, but you can seek the help of any German nursing job agencies in India for visa documentation, Translations, and related services.

Cultural Differences and Adjustements

For nurses willing to work in Germany, there are many cultural differences between India and Germany when they first reach Germany, especially if they have yet to travel to Germany or any other European countries. To adjust to life and work in Germany, most nursing job consultants in India provide a cultural briefing before departure, and German employers also brief them about German customs and culture on arrival in Germany. Indian nurses should be open-minded, flexible, and willing to learn about German culture and customs to adapt quickly to the German way of work and life.


Opportunities for Professional Development

There are many opportunities for professional development for Indian nurses in Germany, including continuing education and training programs. Interested nurses can also advance their nursing careers by pursuing advanced degrees or certifications in nursing or other medical branches like hospital administration, teaching, and even becoming doctors.

List Of Documents Required for Nurse Job Visa

  • Original passport with a minimum five months validity
  • Visa Application Form
  • CV
  • Three copies of the passport
  • Job Offer Letter from Hospital/Health Centre in Germany
  • Certificates of Academic Qualifications
  • Nursing Experience Certificates 
  • German Language Exam
  • Six passport-sized photographs
  •  Visa Fee Receipt

Requirements for Nursing Jobs in Germany


Applicants for the nurse job in Germany must have a clear criminal record and provide a certificate of good conduct from the police department or submit their PCC obtained from the passport office. They must also be physically and psychologically fit and certified by a qualified medical practitioner. Applicants for nursing careers in Germany must submit all their documents in German, and there is no age limit for enrollment.  For more information about the requirements to apply for nursing jobs in Germany, you can contact any German recruitement agency.


Nursing Requirements in Germany

Nurses play an important role in health care management. Their responsibilities include providing basic patient care, independent observation, and support for both in-patients and out-patients and their family members physically and emotionally. 

Primary Responsibilities of Nurses in Germany

      ·         Basic Patient Care

      ·         Pediatric Nursing

      ·         Emergency Nursing care

      ·         Senior Care

      ·         Care Home Nursing 

Nursing Skills

       ·         Essential Interpersonal Skills
Empathy is a vital skill for nurses, as it allows them to understand their patients’ perspectives and provide the necessary emotional support. 

     ·    Emotional stability is also crucial, enabling nurses to remain focused and efficient in their care. Effective communication is another   essential skill, as it helps build strong relationships with patients and their families. 

        ·      Critical Thinking
Critical thinking is necessary for handling crises, and organizational skills are crucial for managing time and prioritizing tasks.

Registration as a Nurse in Germany

To practice as a nurse in Germany, you must complete the nursing registration process known as “anerkennung.” Usually, the registration process starts once you get a job offer from a hospital/ health center in Germany. The concerned German authorities will check your educational qualifications and training details before completing the registration process. GoGermany will assist with completing the nursing registration and other formalities per the German nursing authority’s requirements.

To complete the German nursing registration process, you must submit the below documents and certificates. Before submitting them, all documents, including English certificates, must be translated into German.

Applicants must ensure that all English certificates and documents are translated into German before submitting them for registration. 

      ·         Translated copies of educational certificates

      ·         Transcript of Nursing Course 

      ·         Police Clearance Certificate

      ·         German Language Exam Certificate

      ·         The Nurse Registration Process in Germany

How Can GOGERMANY Help You?



  • Offer German Language Training Online & Offline
  •  Nursing Registration Assistance
  •  German translation of documents  
  • Assist in arranging Interviews with German Hospitals 
  • Assist you in getting the Job offer 
  • Assist in Visa Documentation and submission
  • On Arrival Support in Germany
  • Family Visa Support
  • Arrange Flight Tickets 


Q: What are the requirements for Indian nurses to work in Germany?

A: A GNM Nursing Diploma or Bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSc)is the basic nursing qualification required to become a registered nurse in Germany. Qualified nurses must also have a minimum of 6 months of experience and must have passed the German language exam with a minimum B1 score.


Q: What types of nursing jobs are available in Germany?

A: Nurses in Germany are free to work in various healthcare settings in Germany, including hospitals, health centers, nursing homes, senior care homes, and home care. They can also specialize in nursing departments according to their choice and availability.


Q: What is the salary of Nurses in Germany? 

A: The salary of nurses in Germany varies depending on their job category, place of work, qualifications, experience, and location. Fresh Nurses can earn around €2,500 to €3,500 per month.


Q: Is nursing jobs easily available in Germany? 

A: Qualified nurses with German language proficiency can easily find nursing jobs in Germany. Nursing Assistant jobs are available for nurses who have completed short term nursing courses like ANM Diploma or nurse helpers expereinced in nursing homes or hospitals.


Q: Are Nursing Jobs available for English-speaking Nurses in Germany?

A: It can be challenging to find nursing jobs in Germany for English-speaking nurses due to the language barrier. However, some recruitment agencies specialize in placing foreign nurses in German healthcare facilities, provide basic online German language training, and arrange online and offline German classes in Germany. Most nurse employers support foreign nurses by providing German language classes and their duties.


Q: What is the process of obtaining a work visa for Indian nurses in Germany?

 A: Indian nurses must first secure a job offer from a German employer. The nurse can then apply for a visa to Germany with that job offer and submit other documents to the German embassy in Delhi or consulates in Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc.


Q: How much do German nursing agencies charge for nursing jobs in Germany?

A: Most German nursing agencies in India charge a fee. But GoGermany does not charge any service fee, consultation, or registration charges from nurses looking for jobs in Germany. Please contact us for more INFORMATION



Q: What is the working atmosphere for nurses in Germany?

 A: The working atmosphere for healthcare professionals, including nurses, is highly professional and structured in Germany. However, there is also a strong emphasis on work-life balance and employee well-being.


Q: Are there any cultural differences that Indian nurses should know when working in Germany? 

A: There are cultural differences that Indian nurses should be aware of when working in Germany. For example, Germans value direct communication and may appear blunt or rude to those who are not used to it. They also follow the rules strictly, value punctuality highly, and may view lateness as disrespectful, and may view lateness as disrespectful.


Q: Is IELTS required for Nursing Jobs in Germany?

A:No. IELTS is not required for Germany Nursing Jobs


Q: Can Nurses take their families to Germany?

 A:Yes. Nurses can take their families to Germany.


Q: Can Nurses Apply for P.R. in Germany?
A: Yes. Skilled workers, including Nurses, can apply for P.R. (Permanent Residency) after living in Germany for a particular period. To attract skilled workers to the country German government has proposed a bill in May 2023 to reduce the P.R. waiting period to 3 years. 

Conclusion and Tips for Indian Nurses Applying For Nurse Vacancy in Germany

The demand for nurses in Germany is increasing every year. Indian nurses are in high demand in Germany due to their excellent education, training, and caring attitude. To work as a nurse in Germany, Indian nurses must meet certain qualifications and requirements, including educational and professional experience, German language proficiency, and visa and work permit requirements. We help Indian nurses apply for nurse vacancies in Germany and arrange online interviews with German employers after B1 or nurses studying German and provide visa assistance. Please contact us for more details about nurse vacancies in Germany, Staff Nurse vacancy & BSc nurse vacancies in Germany and RN Jobs in Germany without IELTS.