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Master's in Mechanical Engineering in Germany

Master's in Mechanical Engineering in Germany

Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering is a two-year course offered by many universities in Germany. MS in Mechanical Engineering is a postgraduate degree specializing in mechanical engineering. Students are taught about machinery and mechanical devices’ design, development, and manufacturing. They are also taught about applying scientific principles to creating machines, engines, and other equipment.

MS in Mechanical Engineering in Germany Eligibility Criteria

If you have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from a recognized Indian university, you can apply for an MS in Mechanical Engineering in Germany. However, you must have completed at least seven semesters of study and at least 210 credits to use. In addition, you must have a German language certification for German-taught programs and an IELTS score for English Taught MS Programs in Germany. 

There are several scholarships available for international students. Obtaining a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Germany is a great way to pursue a specialized career in this field.

Universities Offering MS in Mechanical Engineering

Many top German universities offer graduate programs in mechanical engineering. Some of the most prestigious ones are the Technical University of Munich (TUM), RWTH Aachen University (RWTH), University of Stuttgart (TU), Leibniz University of Hannover (LH), and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). The demand for qualified mechanical engineers in Germany is high, so studying MS in engineering in Germany is a great choice for your future career. 

Graduates with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering in Germany can find jobs in various industries and fields. In particular, mechanical engineers are required in many industrial organizations, Companies, and automobile industries. 

The advanced manufacturing specialization at TU Clausthal is an excellent choice for students interested in designing innovative materials for a global industry. The program combines scientific theoretical courses with experimental setups. Graduates of this program will have the skills and expertise to compare manufacturing processes with new developments, evaluate production systems, and design new strategies. This MS engineering program can also lead to a career in top German and global companies. 

Students of this program can become production engineers or work in the commercial vehicle industry. These professionals specialize in the design and production of high-tech vehicles. After graduating from this master’s degree program, these engineers can work in various industries and research institutes. Additionally, they can work in interdisciplinary teams, such as those involved in creating commercial vehicles. Germany has no shortage of career opportunities for people with a master’s degree in mechanical engineering.

Is a Blocked Account Necessary in Germany?

If you plan to study in Germany, you must know whether or not you need a blocked account. A blocked account is mandatory to get German student visa approval. A blocked account is a legal document that prohibits you from making any transactions in the country unless you have the appropriate documentation. You can apply online or through an intermediary. 

Before applying for a blocked account in Germany, make sure you have your permit. It is necessary to apply for this document within two weeks of your arrival in Germany. If you cannot present it when you apply, you may have to wait a month before it is processed.

Germany Student Visa Application

To apply for a student visa in Germany, you must have a certain amount of money. This money must be enough to support you for a year. If you are worried about being rejected, you can contact any study abroad consultants in Germany to guide you through the process. 

You can open one online if you do not have a blocked account in Germany. However, you must ensure that the provider is certified by the German government. The government has strict regulations on blocked accounts, and you should not use a service without this certification. You can also contact any private companies to open a blocked account in Germany. These companies have partnered with banks in Germany and understand the laws related to blocked bank accounts.

MS in Mechanical Engineering from German Private Universities

If you’re interested in pursuing a master’s degree in mechanical engineering in Germany, you’ll be glad to learn that public universities typically charge nominal administrative and semester fees for students. Some private universities charge tuition, but most public universities only charge a few hundred Euros per semester. 

If you want to German private universities, you must also consider your financial situation. The average cost of a master’s degree in mechanical engineering in private universities in Germany is 17,000 to thirty-five thousand Euros, and the program will require between 150 and 400 Euros a semester. You can also check the German scholarships offered to International students. 

The cost of studying mechanical engineering in Germany is considerably lower than in many other countries. Public universities in Germany charge only minimal tuition fees or semester fees and do not charge international students a dime. However, the cost of studying at private universities can be as much as EU17, 000 per year.

Study Mechanical Engineering in Germany Free (Public Universities)

The cost of studying mechanical engineering in Germany is almost free if you get admission in public universities. Government funded public universities charge only a nominal amount as a semester fee. The cost of the semester fee varies between different regions and is generally between 150 and 400 EUR per semester. This fee covers administrative costs, sports facilities, dormitories, and public transport. Students may also pay for a semester contribution, which amounts to about 500 EUR a year. 

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest branches of engineering and equips students with knowledge about mechanical devices. These machines can be as simple as batteries to fully-furnished automobile engines. The scope of this field is virtually unlimited, and studying mechanical engineering in Germany will open up many opportunities for you. 

Studying mechanical engineering in Germany is quite affordable for Indian students. Most public universities in Germany do not charge tuition fees to students, and the semester contribution is as low as one 150 Euros.

Requirements for Studying Mechanical Engineering in Germany

Studying Mechanical Engineering in Germany is an excellent option if you are looking for a high-quality education that will provide you with the necessary tools for a successful career. The demand for engineers in Germany is high, and the PG degree obtained from a German university is highly regarded by employers worldwide. 

Mechanical Engineering is a field with many scopes, and you can choose to study general engineering, aerospace engineering, or even material sciences. You can also apply for a research program in this field to gain additional experience. Germany is home to many top automotive companies and is a highly respected destination for students pursuing a career in mechanical engineering. 

Before applying for a mechanical engineering program in Germany, review the requirements of the institute you wish to join. Some universities in Germany offer only a diploma, and others provide a fully-fledged master’s degree in mechanical engineering. 

The requirements will differ from institute to institute, but the best way to find the right fit is to research the best options and make a short list of those that interest you. Once you’ve narrowed down the universities or colleges that suit your requirements, you’ll need to obtain a German student visa. You’ll need to speak German fluently if you’re an international student. All students who wish to study in Germany must open a student-blocked account.

Update April 2023: From 2023 Indian students must have passed IELTS exam (minimum socre 5.5) and have German APS certificates to get admission in German universities.

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Applicants from mechanical engineering fields will need a bachelor’s degree to be admitted to an MS program in Engineering. The MS in Engineering in Germany is a highly competitive program, and applicants with a GPA of 3.0 or higher are likely to be accepted to the best programs.

Chances of Getting Admission in Public Universities

The chance of getting admitted to the MS engineering program depends on the number of applications. There is a high demand to study MS engineering in Germany for free, so there is a high-level competition for admission to government-aided public universities in Germany. For international students, a foreign degree from an accredited university must be accompanied by German or English language proficiency test scores. 

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