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Free Nursing Courses in Germany- Diploma in Nursing Fee for Indian Students

Nursing In Germany

Are you searching for information about Free Nursing Courses in Germany or Diploma Nursing in Germany? Germany is a hub for higher education and boasts globally recognized universities and programs for international students. Germany provides prestigious and highly coveted degrees that increase the overall employability of students. Germany is a country with a rich history, top-quality education, and vibrant social life. Germany offers a high-quality education system and infrastructure, which makes it among the top places worldwide for international students. Every year, countless students from all over the globe want to attend a university in Germany for better job prospects. If you’re planning to study Nursing in Germany, Then Germany is the best place for you. Germany offers a Nursing course in Germany that is internationally recognized and gives you better job prospects. This article outlines all the essential details needed to study nursing in Germany, language requirements, course duration, free nursing courses, and stipend paid to nurse students in Germany for Indian students and students from other countries.

High Demand of Nurses

The demand for health professionals has increased tremendously, and Germany is no exception. The aging population needs more healthcare workers, especially nurses. To meet this need, countries’ governments must have experts and specialists in medical fields and increase the number of health services available. Additionally, as the percentage of people over 65 years old is rising and they require specific care, they must receive the best care possible in their times of need. Each year, there is a need for nurses, which applies to all nations around the globe. As Germany is facing an acute shortage of trained nursing staff, nursing studies in Germany can lead to an excellent and stable career and a wonderful life in Germany.

Free Nursing Courses in Germany

Germany offers free nursing courses, and the nursing program in Germany is generally available as a three-year diploma course. Many free nursing schools in Germany offer free nursing courses for international students. There is no cost of studying nursing in Germany at the Diploma level, and students are paid a stipend every month in the range of 800-1400 Euros. Interested candidates must apply for an apprenticeship (Ausbuldung in Nursing) at the hospital that the administration of Germany recognizes. The most fundamental requirement to study Nursing in Germany is fluency in German, preferably B1 or B2. If you plan to do Nursing in Germany, you need to learn the German Language.

Nursing Education in Germany

Nursing students in Germany are required to complete 2500 hours of training and 2100 hours of theory. Student nurses could expect to earn EUR800 – EUR 1400 per month. Students can choose any specialties like ICU Nurse, Nurse Anesthetist, Pediatric nurse, Oncology nurse, Cardiac Nurse, and other things. After completing their apprenticeship, they can take a state exam recognized by the Anerkennung Institute, which varies between states. 

Germany is home to the world’s most prestigious health system and is among the top medical destinations for travelers. The health system in Germany is world famous and acknowledged worldwide for its high- quality of services. The top-quality education provided by an institution will not just be an excellent learning experience if it does not give job opportunities. Many Indian students are pursuing their nursing studies in Germany, as Germany provides free nursing education to students with a monthly stipend.

Cost of Living in Germany

Germany has a low cost of living when compared to other countries like the UK, USA, Japan and Canada. Most hospitals provide free or discounted accommodation to student nurses, so accommodation is usually not an issue for nursing students in Germany

Nursing Career in Germany

Many nurses begin their careers as junior nurses and get promoted to positions as team leaders within a couple of years. As they advance, their earnings and responsibility also increase. Once nurses are promoted to higher positions, there are endless opportunities. After gaining experience, they can teach in vocational schools. Most of the time, this job is filled by those with bachelor’s degrees. Interested diploma students can also go for higher studies in nursing after completing their vocational nursing programs in nursing.

It is widely known that nurses are highly sought-after in Germany, and there is a constant demand for specialists in this area. Therefore, one thing is sure nurses from other countries will be able to find lucrative jobs once they reach Germany. The first step to becoming a nurse is to master how to speak the German Language in advance so that they don’t have difficulties communicating with the Germans in the country. At the very least, nurses must pass the German B1 test for language proficiency.

If you hold the qualifications in Nursing, then you must have them recognized by the highest officials in Germany. Nurses with a vocational diploma can choose one of the following areas for their nursing career.

  • Oncology
  • Geriatrics Clinical
  • Pediatric department
  • Rehabilitation and long-term health care
  • Hospice and palliative care
  • Psychiatric department etc…

The most crucial requirement for international nurses to study nursing in Germany is proficiency in the German Language. International students, including Indian students, must meet the following criteria for eligibility to enroll in a nursing school in Germany:

  • Passed 12th Class ( Any Stream )
  • Studied Biology in 10th Class
  • German B1 level German Language Certificate
  • Below 25 years of age.

The most crucial requirement for international nurses to study nursing in Germany is proficiency in the German Language. International students, including Indian students, must meet the following criteria for eligibility to enroll in a nursing school in Germany:

  • Hochschule Bremen City University of Applied Sciences (HSB) (HSB) International Graduation Program for Nursing (B.Sc.).
  • Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) Master of Sciences (Applied Health & Nursing Sciences).

Nursing is a caring profession with endless opportunities and job security. Nurses are the backbones of the healthcare system and are much in demand after the covid-19 pandemic. Nurses are required in different health care setups like hospitals, nursing homes, home care, senior care, etc.

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Free Nursing Courses in Germany-FAQ
How many years does it take to become a nurse in Germany?

The German nursing program is designed under EU rules and can be up to three years long. Nursing course in Germany includes approximately 2100 hours of theoretical training and 2500 hours of hands-on training in various hospital settings.

Is Germany good for Indian nurses to work and settle?

Germany is the most desirable destination for Indian job seekers, particularly nurses. According to the Germany Department of Labor and Employment, there is a massive demand for nursing jobs in Germany and about 500000 nursing positions in Germany.

Can we study nursing in Germany without the German Language?

No. Nursing is critical because nurses have to communicate with patients and doctors; German language knowledge is essential to study and work in Germany. If you’re planning to pursue a nursing degree in Germany, German language proficiency is mandatory for admission to nursing schools.

What is the age limit for nursing studies in Germany?

There is no age limit for getting admission in Germany. But nursing schools and colleges prefer students between the age of 17 to 25 as it is the average age of local students.

What Language do nurses study in Germany?

The primary prerequisite for admission to nursing courses in Germany is an excellent German language command. To be eligible, you must be able to pass a minimum B1-level German Language Course.

Is it easy to get a nursing job in Germany?

Germany has a lot of shortage of qualified nurses, and the need for qualified nurses is very high. If the person looking for a nursing job can provide all the necessary documents and German language proficiency, they can quickly find a nursing job within Germany.

Who is eligible to study nursing in Germany?

Generally speaking, the nursing colleges in Germany require 12th-level Indian qualification and B1 or B2 level German language proficiency for admission to nursing courses.

Do I have the opportunity to study nursing in Germany for Free?

The nursing education course is a government-approved free program. There is no tuition fee for nursing studies in Germany, and nursing students are paid between 800-1000 EUROS every month as a stipend.

Are nursing students paid in Germany?

At the beginning of schooling, student nurses are paid between 800 to 900 Euros each month. In the second and third years of education, nurses earn around 1100-1200 Euros per month. In the third year of school, nurses earn about 1300-1400 Euros per month.

Can I study nursing in Germany in English?

No. In Germany, English-language nursing programs are not available. Nursing, Medicine, and other health professions require frequent and effective communication with patients and their relatives. Nursing is a critical profession, and nurses must communicate effectively with doctors, patients, and their relatives. That is why nursing courses are not offered in English in Germany. You cannot study nursing in Germany in English as no nursing schools, colleges, or universities offer to study nursing in Germany for international students in English.

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