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Go Germany's Services

Go, Germany offers many services to students who wish to study in Germany and provides all support starting from finding the best German institution, Admission assistance, guidance for opening a student-blocked account, etc. The number of services offered through Go Germany in India is listed below. You can also contact us for any other services not listed below.

Student Counseling

When it comes to studying in Germany, the most common question is about the FREE education or the possibility of getting admission to German Public Universities to study without tuition fees. Many other questions left unanswered and clarified would confuse students, and they will be overwhelmed by anxiety, which is passed on to their parents, which means whether the dreams of the student remain unfulfilled or remains a dream only. 

With Go Germany, students do not need to worry about all these things as our German study counselors are well experienced in answering these and other queries. Our highly skilled counselors and experts at Go Germany give students complete and proper guidance to help them choose the top German Institutions that are suited to their academic performance in the past. 

Further, our team will evaluate the profiles of the students before advising them about the best options available to them so they can pick the university according to their academic background and interests. We at Go Germany give overseas study aspirants a complete overview of the opportunities awaiting them and also guide them about the chances of getting admission to the given universities. Go Germany strives to make your German education easy and hassle-free.

Support for Admission

After the counseling process, the next step is to start the admission process to the German institutions finalized by the students. Go Germany remains in constant contact with universities in Germany and keeps up-to-date with the course and policies of the universities and the German Government. Go Germany also brief the candidates about the accommodation, cultural life, and weather in Germany so that the students can be prepared for a new country’s culture.

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Students applying for overseas education must create an SOP to submit alongside their application. To reduce the burden on students, Go Germany also guides the students to prepare an excellent SOP to ensure they have the best chance of getting accepted into the program of their choice.

Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

A Letter of Recommendation is a letter from someone who knows the applicant well and can comment on the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses. LOR helps to show that the student has a good personality and can be an asset to their university. It also helps them get accepted into their desired university.

University Short listing

After understanding the student’s field of expertise, interest, and skill:

  1. Go Germany offers a list of universities suited for the students in all aspects.
  2. Go Germany team will assist the student in University Short listing for study by providing them with various information such as different courses, school requirements, tuition fees, and other related details about studying in Germany.
  3. Go Germany also helps them in deciding which university to choose from.

Services in Germany

Go Germany understands the difficulties students face in Germany and tries to provide possible support to our students in Germany. Go Germany provides complete guidance and support to help students apply to German universities. Go Germany plays a vital role in facilitating the dreams of students who wish to pursue their education in Germany and help them get accepted to the top German universities. Students looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and affordable overseas education service provider in Germany should contact us. We offer various services to students who want to study abroad in Germany. Our services are designed to make the student’s transition smoother and more enjoyable. We can help them find the perfect universities or colleges for their education and provide them with the following services after reaching Germany.

  • Help for Accommodation
  • Open a banking account in Germany
  • SIM Card
  • Airport pickup service
  • Insurance Services
  • Guidance for Visa Assistance
  • Support for Job after study
  • Shopping list for Germany
  • Forex Service etc..

Our services don’t end there. However, it is progressively increasing, and Go Germany ensures that students are provided with the highest satisfaction and support even in Germany.  Enjoy your studies in Germany with Go Germany!