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Jobs in Germany for Indians

Germany is known for its lowest unemployment rate in Europe. The unemployment rate differs from state to state and city to city; in some regions, the unemployment rate is much lower than the country level. Most job seekers and students from other countries easily find jobs in Germany without much difficulty. Germany Job Consultancy in Kerala Kochi can provide more information about job openings in Germany. Job seekers with work experience and a basic understanding of German get more chances of landing work in a country where these qualities are highly valued. The flow of immigrants in last few years has reduced the job opportunities for unskilled workers. But, even now, skilled job seekers do not face any major issues in finding a suitable job that matches their skills or those possessing an academic degree from a university or a trade qualification, such as an apprenticeship

Shortage Occupations in Germany

There’s a deficiency of skilled people in certain occupations in Germany. They include qualified IT engineers, mechanical and automotive engineers, electrical engineers, etc., health care professionals like Nurses, Computer engineers, social and health workers, and certain manufacturing jobs. Professionals with vocational credentials are also in high demand in specific fields. 

With an ageing population and a growing need for workers in the health, geriatric and nursing professions are also in high demand. For more details you must contact any Germany Job Consultants in Kochi or German Nursing Job consultants Kerala who can provide you with all the information required for finding nursing jobs in Germany.

Companies in Germany

Several big international companies are located in Germany, like Adidas, BMW, MAN, Siemens, Volkswagen, etc. Still, the presence of small- and medium-sized companies is an important aspect of the German economy. More than 90% of German businesses are SMEs, responsible for providing about two-thirds of employment in Germany. For more information about the job opportunities in German companies contact a German Agency in Kochi, Thrissur, Trivandrum & Kottayam, Calicut, Malappuram, Kollam, Aluva , Ernakulam and other cities in Kerala.

German Workplace Culture

The average work time is less than 38 hours with at least 18 days of holiday per year. German corporate culture typically gives importance to management. Germans are meticulously planned for assignments and base their decisions on the data. Meetings are organized and efficient and adhere to a clear plan and timetable in which discussions are held to achieve the required compliance and the final decision. The concept of time is well-defined within German business culture; employees are punctual and expect others to be punctual in any workplace. The wages in Germany are set to be evaluated every two years.

German Work Visa & Work Permit Rules

Job seekers from Europe, the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland aren’t required to have approval for work in Germany, provided they carry their valid documents. They need only need to register their address after landing in Germany. 

Job seekers from countries like Australia, Israel, Japan, the USA, Canada, New Zealand and South Korea are also eligible to travel to Germany without a visa. The only condition is that they must apply for the German residence permit and work permit through the home Alien’s Authority. 

All other job seekers must obtain a German visa and residence permit to land and work legally in Germany. If you’re qualified to receive a residence permit is contingent on your credentials and the industry you wish to be employed. It can be difficult to obtain residence authorization to Staying and working in Germany without proper documents is illegal.

Benefits of Learning German

Although people might be able to find jobs for English-speaking people in Germany, it is always a benefit if job seekers or employees can communicate in the German language. People with German language ability are always given preference for employment. There are a variety of German language classes in Germany for those who need to refresh their German. Job consultants in Kerala for Germany can provide more details about the German language classes available in India and Germany.

References and Qualifications

Germany has more than 70 legally-regulated professions, including doctors, teachers and opticians. People from this legally regulated profession need certification from the relevant German authorities or accredited professional bodies to start working in Germany. The government should approve the qualification of these professionals before they can start working in Germany. Look up your profession at Recognition Germany and learn how you can get it acknowledged. 

To verify a foreign degree and get the equivalency certificate of the professional qualification, they can contact the Central Office for Foreign Education (Zentrale Stelle fur die BewertungauslandischerQualifikationen, ZAB).Applicants from countries that have signed the Bologna agreement get to recognize their qualifications by Germany


Job seeker applicants from the EU, EEA, or Switzerland can find job openings by visiting the European Employment Services (EURES) website. EURES is a job search website operated through the European Commission and designed to allow for freedom of movement across the EEA for the citizen of its member nations. In addition to searching for job opportunities, applicants from the above countries can submit their resumes and receive assistance regarding the legal and administrative policies to find a job and settle in Germany. EURES hosts job fairs during the months of spring and autumn.

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German job websites for the Public

For general applicants, the international placement service of the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagenturfur Arbeit, BA) is the best source for finding a job opportunity that includes casual jobs in Germany. The Federal Employment Agency, with a huge network of several hundred offices and agencies across Germany, list hundreds of job vacancies for all job seekers. Applicants can upload their CVs on these websites along with their credentials and highlights in their career, and specify the type of job they’re seeking in which company. Applicants can contact them at +49 (0)30 1815 1111 for more information. Check out their job postings, or visit the agency’s website for skilled workers looking for job opportunities. Contact any Germany Job Consultancy in Kerala for specific information about German job opportunities for Indians.

Job Sites in Germany


Job opportunities in Germany are typically advertised on German websites for recruitment and job postings (Jobborsen). Some of them specialize in specific fields or focus on job opportunities in Germany open to English-speaking and German-speaking foreigners. 

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German Job Recruitment Agencies

Check out The German yellow Pages (Gelbe Pages) in the category of Arbeitsvermittlung and agencies. Always get details about the service charge of the company arranging the job as some agencies may charge up to EUR 1500. There are a variety of companies that recruit international candidates in Germany. Many of them have jobs that are specifically for foreigners.

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German Newspapers

German Newspapers are a good source for finding jobs in Germany for foreigners as most companies publish their vacancies in the Newspapers. Job seekers can buy the paper from the market or check online like Die Welt, Handelsblatt (Dusseldorf), Frankfurter Rundshau and BerlinOnline etc.

Websites of Companies

Certain international companies promote their sites in both English as well as German. Vacancies are typically advertised on the websites of companies. Always check the websites of top German companies like BASF, Bayer, BMW, Bosch, Daimler, Deutsche Bank, Merck, Volkswagen, Siemens, etc., for vacancies. 

Apart from big companies, several small and medium-sized business organizations in Germany also have job vacancies for foreigners. Job seekers can find the details of all businesses in Germany by using the government’s company registration (in English).

Consulates and Embassies

Check the websites of German embassies and consulates in India for job openings in Germany. No matter what job you’re applying for, you will likely require a good level of written and spoken German. Finding a job in Germany is much easier while studying in Germany. If you want to find job in Germany as a student, it is better to contact any German study abroad consultants.


For a lot of Germans, networking is an activity that is done with friends or close colleagues. So while you may be able to make contacts and, ultimately, an opportunity to get a career through professional associations and conferences, go for it.  You can find job ads in LinkedIn’s Germany Business and Professional Network. Connect with other ex-pats like you through Meet up or social media groups and create your group; you never know who you may connect with and where it could take you.

Internships & Volunteer Opportunities in Germany

Find traineeships within the EU for graduates of universities through the You can find opportunities for internships through European Commission Traineeships Office. You can also check AIESEC for internships and summer placement opportunities. If you are a student of sciences, engineering, and applied art streams, you can check IAESTE for placement and internship. 

It is also possible to travel as a volunteer in exchange for food, board insurance, and an allowance. People aged 17-30 can find volunteer opportunities lasting up to 1 year through European Voluntary Service. Concordia is another option for volunteering opportunities.

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Finding a Job in Germany with German Job Consultants in Kerala



When you’ve found a position in Germany to pursue or even part-time positions in Germany, You will have to prepare your application according to German requirements. In Germany, this usually means creating an application form that includes your resume and copies of your educational certificates, employer testimonials, etc. It is also necessary to write a cover letter along with your application. You need to know what to expect during a German job interview. If you need more details about the job opening in Germany and German language crash course for German job interviews. Please contact us for more details.