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Blocked Account for Germany

What is a Blocked Account in Germany? A blocked account is an account in which a student needs to deposit a certain amount of money to meet their expenses while studying in Germany. This type of account is intended to provide enough funds to last for the duration of the study. A student can apply for a blocked account in Germany from their home country online. However, a blocked account is not unlimited, and there are strict rules on who can withdraw money when they can withdraw it, and how much money they can each month. A blocked account is proof of the source of funds for their education in Germany, and applicants need to submit proof of the details of their blocked account for the Germany student visa.

How to Open a Blocked Account?

Students can open a blocked account through a bank in Germany if they have enough money in their home country. Depending on the bank, some providers require a copy of their passport or other identification. Others may require documents such as a lease agreement, certificate of registration from the city hall, or a German residence permit. You must also prove that you can afford to pay your costs while studying in Germany. For this, you can submit documents from your parents, a scholarship certificate, or even a letter from a permanent resident of Germany.

Germany Student Visa Blocked Account Amount

Blocked account proof is one of the essential requirements for a German student visa. To open a blocked account for a German visa, applicants must deposit at least EUR10, 332 as a Germany student visa blocked account amount. It is important to note that the German government does not require banks to offer blocked accounts, so you must find a blocked account provider. The amount of money you can transfer to your blocked account is determined by the government and must be sufficient to cover your study expenses in a foreign country

Is a Blocked Account Necessary in Germany?

If you plan to study in Germany, you must know whether or not you need a blocked account. A blocked account is mandatory to get German student visa approval. A blocked account is a legal document that prohibits you from making any transactions in the country unless you have the appropriate documentation. You can apply online or through an intermediary. 

Before applying for a blocked account in Germany, make sure you have your permit. It is necessary to apply for this document within two weeks of your arrival in Germany. If you cannot present it when you apply, you may have to wait a month before it is processed.

Germany Student Visa Application

To apply for a student visa in Germany, you must have a certain amount of money. This money must be enough to support you for a year. If you are worried about being rejected, you can contact any study abroad consultants in Germany to guide you through the process. 

You can open one online if you do not have a blocked account in Germany. However, you must ensure that the provider is certified by the German government. The government has strict regulations on blocked accounts, and you should not use a service without this certification. You can also contact any private companies to open a blocked account in Germany. These companies have partnered with banks in Germany and understand the laws related to blocked bank accounts.

Germany Blocked Account for International Students

Before you start study in Germany, you must deposit a certain amount of money into a blocked account. The amount must be sufficient to support you for one year. This money is kept at the bank until you arrive in Germany. Once registered with the local residence authority, you can withdraw these funds from your blocked account as per the rules. 

To keep pace with this inflation, the Federal Cabinet of Germany has agreed to increase the amount you need to deposit into your account every month. This will bring the monthly amount from EUR861 to EUR931 per month, and the annual allowance will increase from EUR10, 332 to EUR11,172 per year. These changes are expected to take effect at the beginning of the fall semester.

How Indian Students Can Open a German Blocked Account?

To open a German bank-blocked account for Indian students, you must show your passport at the bank and fill out a form with your name, address, and date of birth. The bank will ask for your residence permit card, Aadhar, or other ID documents. 

If you have a residency permit in Germany, you can open a German bank-blocked account for international students in Germany. You can also open a German bank blocked account for foreign students by providing your passport and filling out the form with your name, address, and date of birth. Indian students can also contact Indian banks like ICCI and Kotak Mahindra to open German bank-blocked accounts.

Choosing a Blocked Account Provider

When choosing a blocked account provider, it’s essential to ensure they accept blocked accounts from other countries. These companies can be verified online or by calling their support teams. It’s also important to compare their fees and services. Traditional providers require physical documents, which can take up to one week to process your application. In addition, they only accept Euro currency.

Opening a Student Blocked Account in Germany

If you are studying in Germany as an international student, you’ll need a blocked account before you arrive. This will show the German government that you have the money necessary to support yourself while studying there. Some institutions even require that you have a blocked account to apply for a student visa. ICCI and Kotak Mahindra are the two banks in India that provide open German bank-blocked accounts for study in Germany. 

You can also open a student blocked account in Germany through an online bank, such as Expatrio. This service is convenient because you don’t have to present documents in person. With an online blocked account, you’ll only need to submit your passport. Alternatively, you can visit a local German embassy or consulate. They will give you a list of the documents that are required. If you are searching for a consultant in Kochi Kerala to open a blocked account for Germany student visa, contact us now!

Blocked Account for Germany Student Visa FAQ
What is the maximum amount students can withdraw from a Germany blocked account?

Students can withdraw 853 Euros per month from their blocked account.

Is it possible to get a loan for Germany's blocked account?

Some banks provide loans for German blocked account amounts. You will need proof of your financial resources to apply for a visa.

Do I need to keep the money in a blocked account in the 2nd year of study in Germany?

German student visa requires that a blocked account be opened only for the first year of study.

Will the German consulate verify the bank statements for the study visa?

Bank statements and pay slips are acceptable proof of financial resources, and the embassy will not accept bank statements from unlicensed microfinance or unlicensed banks. It is the prerogative of the German embassy officials whether or not to verify the applicant’s bank statements and other financial papers.

Is a Blocked Account Compulsory for a Germany visa?

A blocked account is compulsory for German student visa approval. A blocked account is a restricted account with a German bank, and the student will be permitted to withdraw only the amount allowed by the bank each month. Students from India and other non-EU or Schengen member countries applying for a student visa to Germany need to submit proof of a blocked bank account.

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