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Whether you want to pursue MS in Germany or any other Master’s degree programs in Engineering, Computer science, Arts, etc., you can find the right course for your Post graduate degree program in Germany. Masters in Germany include MS in Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, Economics, Business Management, Environmental Sciences, Pharmaceutical Science, Law, and many more. In short, if you are planning to do masters in Germany, there are many specializations available in almost all streams. There is a very high demand for MS in Germany for Indian Students. Doing a Master’s degree in Germany is a dream for many Indian students.

Advantages of Studying MS in Germany

German Higher educational institutions enjoy a stellar international reputation as the German method of studying and research strongly encourages development and innovation. The stable European economy provides funding for higher education, and many courses are taught in English, which has subsequently changed Germany into one of the most sought-after postgraduate destinations for study. Many universities offer MS in Germany in English, including Public Universities, which provide free education/affordable fees to international students. Explore postgraduate study options available in Germany that fall under a variety of areas:

Why Do a Master's Degree from Germany?

  • To test yourself academically by engaging in new academic experiences
  • To enhance your cultural and social experiences
  • To look into a different business environment
  • To create an international network of business
  • To be able to settle in the city of your dreams and to attend a top university
  • Being part of the international student community
  • To find a career of your choice in the town of your choice
Eligibility Requirements for MS in Germany

If you are applying to a German University through Go Germany, Our admission counselors will assist you in determining your eligibility and qualifications for a Master’s program in Germany. A valid bachelor’s degree duly recognized by the German University is the most crucial prerequisite for admission to a Master’s program in Germany. 

Although the typical requirement for a Master’s in Germany is a Bachelor’s degree, specific MS programs require additional conditions, especially in Public Universities, which receive a large number of applications from students all over the world. 

Update April 2023: From 2023 Indian students must have passed IELTS exam (minimum socre 5.5) and have German APS certificates to get admission in German universities.

Percentage of Marks required for Master's in Germany Free & Paid

Generally, students with a minimum of 65% marks manage to get admission to study free, but there isn’t a set criterion for the required GPA or percentage needed. The free study mainly depends on the number of applications an institute receives. German-taught programs have less number of applications; hence competition is low compared to English-taught programs. The percentage, however, isn’t the only decisive element. It also depends on your visa interview and the university/college you are seeking admission.

If Score in Bachelors is above 65%

If your degree percentage is above 65%, you stand a good chance of getting admitted to the Master’s program in German Public Universities. A score of more than 65% marks in your Bachelor’s degree is generally considered high. The higher your score, the better chance you have!


The most important points considered by the universities in Germany for admission to the Master’s are below.


1.        Bachelor Degree Score

2.       Language proficiency
 Work Experience

3.       An exceptional SOP

4.       German Standard CV

5.       Good LOR



What is the Significance of SOP for admissions?

As the admission authorities have never met you nor had any idea of your existence, a statement of purpose or SOP will provide the reason why they should pick you and hence it is very crucial to the success of an application.

If Score in Bachelors is below 65%
  1. If your score is lower than the 65% in your Bachelor’s degree, it is still possible to get admission to Public Universities. Still, it depends on the competition and requirements of each university. 
  2. Another option for those below 65% is to apply for German-taught Master’s programs. German-taught programs have less competition, and admission is much easier if you can achieve B2 or C1 level German language proficiency.
  3. The Third option is Private Universities. If you can afford the fees (Comparatively less than other countries like the USA, UK, Australia etc), it is the best and sure opportunity to study Master’s in Germany in English.
Language Requirements of MS in Germany

Language proficiency is one of the critical admission criteria for pursuing an MS in Germany. The English language proficiency test score of TOEFL/IELTS will be considered for students looking for English Taught programs. For German-taught Master Programs, the German language C1 test levels of TestDaF, Goethe, TELC, OSD, etc., will be considered.

English Taught Programs don’t require any German language proficiency scores. However, once you get admitted for MS in Germany, it is always advised to learn basic German to communicate with local people and others doing internships, explore the country, and make the most of your time in Germany. 

Each University has its criteria for admitting students to its various study programs, so it is better to visit the official website of the specific University to learn more about the program and eligibility criteria.

Generally, four-year Bachelor’s degrees from India and other Asian countries are treated equally to a German Bachelor’s degree.
3 year bachelor degree holders are also eligible to do PG Courses in Germany.

For more details about PG admission requirements, please get in touch with us.

Tuition Fee

While private universities charge a tuition fee for all courses, it is considerably less than that of the UK and US Universities. Public Universities offer free education and do not charge tuition fees to Indian and other international students. Public Universities only charge only semester fees (100- 350 Euro/Semester for the library, Cafeteria facility, etc.)

Certain Government universities charge tuition fees for students who want to pursue their second Master’s degree or particular courses. But the fees will be lower than those of German private universities.

Scholarships and Funding for Indian Students

The German government also provides significant financial assistance to pay for the cost of living for students based on need or merit-based criteria. Indian students can apply for scholarships through DAAD.
Whether you are visiting Germany to pursue your Bachelor’s, Master’s, or research studies doesn’t matter. Admission to German public universities means you don’t have to worry about tuition fees. Still, some Indian students will have difficulties arranging the fund for other expenses like accommodation, transportation etc. For those students and other deserving students, German scholarships are the best option to fund their overseas education.

Types of Scholarships in Germany:

Scholarships before Admission.

Students can apply for pre-admission scholarships after receiving an admission offer from a German institution while still in India.


Scholarships after Admission.
Students can apply for post-admission scholarships only after joining an educational institution in Germany.

Requirements to apply for Scholarship

The criteria of every scholarship differ. The general requirements to apply for German scholarships are mentioned below:

  1. Good grades in the qualifying exam 
  2. Excellent marks for Masters 
  3. Extra-curricular activities of the student
  4. Motivation Letter
  5. Other details required by the organizations


Living costs

The cost of living in Germany can be 800 to1200 Euro/month but it depends on place, choice and lifestyle of the students. International students can work part-time for 120 or 240 half days per year. Part-time jobs allow them to earn extra cash to manage their cost of living in Germany.

Free Universities in Germany

Several universities in Germany offer MS programs in Germany free of cost. Germany provides free education not only to its native candidates but also to international students as well. 

The free universities of Germany are renowned as public universities, which the German government funds. This has dramatically increased the need among young people to have the most excellent education possible. 

Free universities in Germany are available to everyone and aim at offering the best and obtaining the top, so do not hesitate to contact Go Germany, the top German educational consultants in Kerala, India. 

The public universities in Germany typically provide high-quality education at no cost because public universities in Germany admit students from all over the world without any discretion. The free education system attracts students from all over the world to Germany, which is why Germany remains one of the top favorites for overseas education for Indian students. 

For more information about the colleges you want to attend, Please visit the DAAD website.

How do you begin Your Master's Application with Us?

Given below is the list of documents for application to apply for Master’s Studies in Germany:

  • 10th & 12th Certificate
  • Degree Certificate
  • Degree Mark list
  • Transcripts of each semester  
  • German Language Test Results for German Taught Programs
  •  English Language Proficiency Score( IELTS/TOFEL) for English Taught Programs  
  • A copy of your passport
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  •  Motivation Letter
  • Letter of Recommendation 

You can mail the documents to us and we’ll contact you as soon as possible to discuss other formalities.

Admission Service for Free MS in Germany for Indian Students

First, Go Germany will review and evaluate the profile of the students seeking admission for MS in Germany. We check their academic record and exciting field of study, among other aspects, and make suggestions to the students regarding admission probabilities to the most appropriate Master’s degree program they wish to pursue in Germany. 

Go Germany provides comprehensive admission packages to assist students in gaining admission to German universities. At a minimum, a conditional admissions letter is required to apply for a German student visa successfully. These are the initial steps toward pursuing your Master’s degree in Germany. Our admissions services to universities comprise:

  • The consulting fees will include up to three Master’s applications to various German universities.
  • Additional fees for applications via university websites and application portals could apply to students.
  • Selecting the best universities and degrees following consultation with Go Germany counselors
  • Go Germany has an experienced German study visa application team and Visa expert’s team to prepare students for visa interviews.
    Team Go Germany provides the following additional assistance:
  • Counseling
  • German Language Training with native teachers
  • Document verification 
  • Motivation Letter Briefing
  • Assistance for German blocked account
  • Health Insurance
  • Airport Pickup (Chargable)
  • Accomodation Assistance

If you are looking for a study abroad consultant for MS in Germany in Kerala Kochi, Thrissur, Kottayam, Trivandrum, and other cities in India, you can contact Go Germany, the best Agency in Kerala for Masters in Germany Admission Consultancy Services.

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