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Bachelor Courses in Germany

Germany is among the top countries if you are planning to study overseas

  • Bachelors in Germany provide a unique blend of outstanding universities and an excellent quality of life.
  • Germany is the most sought-after overseas education country for international students.
  • Bachelor’s Degree from Germany is accepted and highly regarded throughout the world.
  • Germany is among the top nations in technological advancement and innovation.

Free Education - No Tuition Fees

  • Studying in Germany will save a lot of money as the country follows no tuition fee system in its Government Universities.
  • Government-funded public universities have little or no tuition costs for German and international students, and all they need to pay is a small amount as semester fees for Library, Public transport facilities, and cafe charges.

Germany offers an open educational system. Also, as per German laws, schools can’t discriminate or provide preference to students due to race, ethnicity or gender, religious belief, social class, or political views.

Bachelor Degree Structure in Germany

Bachelor degrees in Germany are often classified into categories such as Bachelors of Arts (B.A.) Bachelors of Science (B.Sc.) and bachelors of Engineering. These programs, depending on the subject matter and nature, are fixed for 3-4 years.

Research-based programs are offered by specialized universities known as Technical Universities (T.U.) designed for higher education and provide primarily research-based programs.

Bachelor’s degree courses are offered by Universities of Applied Sciences, primarily practice-based universities. They offer business administration, social sciences, engineering, and design courses.

Another category of universities in Germany provides courses in areas such as veterinary science, medicine, dental, pharmacy, and more.

Fantastic Job Opportunities

After completing the degree programs, students will be ready to join the workforce and have plenty of practical exposure while pursuing their studies. They will be trained in various new projects; offered internship programs, and have the chance to practice what they are interested in at a specific time.

Germany is considered the center of power in Europe and is the fifth-largest economy in the world. The European nation has a robust industry-academic connection, and numerous research initiatives are in the hands of industry.

Why studying in Germany is a good option?

Germany is known for its technological brilliance and quality of education. Earning a Bachelor’s degree in Germany is similar to putting the foundation of your life with efficacy and strength. The specialized programs provided by universities in Germany can make a person’s career at an extremely high level and makes them extraordinary and a vital contribution to improving the world.

Eligibility Criteria

Different universities in Germany have different eligibility criteria for admission to their undergraduate programs. Some Universities in Germany require international students to complete a preparatory Course known as Studienkolleg to apply for their graduate program. Students should note that there are different requirements for obtaining admission to various universities in Germany. Contact German education consultants in Kerala who advise you on studying in Germany to learn more about them. They will give you the ideal route to follow and how you can move into the future, ensuring success in your professional career.

Academic Term

The Academic term in Germany is divided into the summer and winter semesters. This Winter Semester starts in October and concludes in March, and the Summer Semester begins in April and ends in September. Admissions to both semesters generally start six months before the start date.

German Language Test

Germany, as a distinct country generally, has its language, which is the German language. The main obstacle students from India face while trying to get admission to a bachelor’s program in Germany is the requirement of German Language Proficiency.

If you are keen to join the Bachelor’s program in Germany, contact the German education consultants in Kerala, India. You will receive complete guidance and assistance regarding Bachelor’s programs in Germany and will be able to satisfy the demands and admission requirements of some universities in Germany.

How Can I Get Admission for a Bachelor's Degree in Germany?

A bachelor’s degree in Germany can be a wish that comes real for many students worldwide. Bachelor’s degrees in Business, Engineering, and other areas in Germany are offered in English and German mediums. To get admission, Students must prove their proficiency in the language to gain admission into their chosen course of study.

Requirements for Bachelor studies in Germany

You may be eligible to apply for a bachelor’s degree program following the 12th grade, provided you meet the following requirements:

  • If you are a student in the State or CBSE curriculum, you will need to pass the official assessment exam in Germany following the foundation program.
  • Suppose you have done your school education from India ,you will be required to complete the first year of the Bachelor’s degree program in the relevant field at an internationally recognized university.(Preparatory Course)
  • Successfully passing the IIT Joint Entrance Examination (Advance level) for admission into the programs in the fields of science and technology in Germany.
  • Successfully passing similar internationally recognized exams with the required subject combinations in the 12th grade.

*Visit the official university site you intend to join for more information about the requirements.

Foundation /Preparatory Programs for Bachelor course in Germany

  •  Based on the field of your Bachelor’s degree, various types of foundation courses, such as the M course or T course, or a W course, may be taken by students.
  • M-Course is designed to prepare students for university study at universities in Germany in the areas of biology, medicine, and pharmacy.
  • T-Course is designed to prepare foreign students in areas of I.T., engineering, computer science, as well as natural sciences, or mathematics.
  • W-Course prepares students to study bachelor studies  in economics, business administration, or social studies.
  • If they complete the foundation course at one of the accredited Studienkolleg in Germany, Students have the option of enrolling in a Technical University or University of Applied science.
The Bachelor's Programs in Germany

The Bachelor’s degree programs in Germany generally include Bachelor of Science – B.Sc. and Bachelor of Engineering B.Eng. B.Eng. as well as Bachelor of Arts B.A. A typical bachelor’s degree in Germany comprises six to eight semesters, including standard subjects, minor and major subjects, project work, and work experience based on each course.

A bachelor’s diploma in Germany is the first degree awarded by a university. It is a fully-featured course that immediately allows students to begin their careers following graduation. If students wish to continue their studies after graduation, they may apply for master’s programs to earn a second academic certificate.

Tuition Fees for Bachelors Courses

A majority of the universities in Germany follow no tuition system for all students, regardless of nationality. In most cases, students must pay a modest amount as the semester’s contribution. The tuition fee can differ depending on the particular university.

How to Start for your Bachelor's Program with Us?

Send a scanned copy of the below documents to us via email. The documents required to apply for a bachelor’s study program in Germany include the below:

  • 10th & 12th Certificate          
  • Competency and proficiency in German (For courses in Germany)
  • The ability to communicate in English (TOEFL or IELTS – (For courses in Germany)
  • A copy of your passport
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Letter of motivation
  • Letter of recommendation

Once we receive the copies of the above document, our counselor will be in touch with you for further procedures.

Note: Please note that most Universities require students to complete a one-year foundation program to be eligible for admission to the bachelor’s program. Direct entry to a German bachelor’s degree program may not be possible for Indian students after finishing the 12th class.

List of Bachelor Degree Courses in Germany

Hundreds of Bachelor’s degree programs are open to international students at German Universities. Here are some…

  • Computer Science
  • E-Mobility
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Civil
  • Automobile
  • Aerospace
  • Robotics
  • Aeronautical etc..
  • MBBS
  • Medicine
  • Bio-Medical
  • Dentistry
  • Bio-Technology
  • Dental
  • Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Nursing Etc…
  • I.T. Consulting
  • International Marketing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Airport Management
  • International Trade
  • Business Management etc..
  • Digital Media (B.A)
  •  Hospitality & Tourism
  • Mathematics
  • Hotel Management
  • Landscape Designs
  • Literature
  • Journalism
  • Law
  • Economics
  • Mobility and Logistics,
  • Arts etc…
Other Study Options for 12th Passed Indian Students in Germany (Free Courses)

For Indian students who have completed 12th class education, there are several options for joining job-oriented Vocational courses (Ausbuildung Programs) in Germany which offer the most relevant curriculum that will satisfy the needs of today’s industry. Vocational training courses will increase the likelihood of employment following their diploma program. The eligibility criteria of the vocational training program are also very low, and the programs offer practical oriented courses with monthly stipends.