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German Education for Indian Students

Germany is home to some of the world’s most innovative higher education institutions. With a wide range of courses, degrees, and subjects, it offers one of Europe’s most diverse study destinations. German education for Indian students provides students a chance to learn German, one of Europe’s most important languages for business and travel. Germany has one of the most diverse and high-quality education systems, with a wide range of national academic qualifications equivalent to those of other countries. Universities in Germany offer a range of courses, degrees, and subjects. Many bilingual programs teach German as well as English. The majority of these qualifications are internationally recognized by employers globally.

Why do Indian Students Prefer to Study in Germany?

Germany is one of the most popular destinations for Indian students. India and Germany share a lot in common. Both countries have a robust engineering sector that has been attracting Indian students for a long time.

The number of Indian students studying in Germany has increased exponentially in recent years.  The reason why many Indian students look for German education are many, but one of the most important ones is that the German education system is one of the best in the world and provides international education opportunities to its students.

The German government has also been investing heavily in improving its higher education system and making it more inclusive for international students with scholarships and other incentives. This has led to an exponential increase in the number of Indian students coming to Germany to study at German universities or colleges.

German Education for Indian Students

Free Education in Germany

Germany is one of the most popular destinations for international students. It offers a wide range of free or affordable education opportunities to international students worldwide. The German government has prioritized ensuring that their higher education system is accessible and affordable for everyone, irrespective of nationality, religion, or social background.

Free German Education for Indian students

Indian students who want to study overseas recognize Germany as the hub of quality education at an affordable price or a place for free education for studying various courses across various disciplines. The distinct specialization and well-established study environment make it a feasible option for Indian students to pursue German education. Many Indian students are skeptical about the quality of education offered for free in Germany. Still, the institutions of education in the country are regularly listed among the most prestigious educational institutions worldwide. 

A unique mix of research and professional education in the field of academics, the universities of Germany are highly praised for their use of advanced teaching techniques and modern technology in the education process. 

The public universities of Germany offer students the opportunity to benefit from the multicultural environment to elevate their learning experience to the next step without paying anything or having to pay a minimum amount. You must pay only administration, enrolment, and semester fees of about 150 to 400 euros. Public universities do not charge tuition fees for German education from Indian students or students from other countries. Indian students looking for German education can also apply for many scholarships like the DAAD Scholarship, reducing the burden of education costs while studying in Germany.

A Letter of Recommendation is a letter from someone who knows the applicant well and can comment on the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses. LOR helps to show that the student has a good personality and can be an asset to their university. It also helps them get accepted into their desired university.

Why does Germany Provides Free Education to International Students?

Perhaps you are wondering whether university education is free in Germany or not. In a way, it is correct. Unlike other public universities in developed countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc., German public universities do not charge tuition fees. Germany is among the few countries in Europe and the world that allows you to learn for no cost, regardless of your country of origin. 

In all, Germans think that education is not something that is a commodity. Instead, it is considered and viewed as a necessity and a fundamental right for everyone. Germans believe that free university admission is beneficial for society’s development and improves the well-being of all people. A law in the past permitted schools to offer affordable tuition rates of 1000 Euros per year. Germany seeks the best minds to visit the country to study and, most importantly, to remain and work following their studies. This is why there are no tuition fees for students from abroad who are visiting Germany to pursue free or cheap education. Other expenses include the cost of accommodation, travel, food, etc. However, since tuition fee is the highest component of overseas education, these expenses are manageable in Germany in many ways, like working part-time, etc.

Is Education in Germany Free for all?

Various government-funded German universities across Germany provide students with free education, no tuition charges, and meager administrative costs. For Indian students and their families, free education in Germany is accessible by choosing these institutions, even though the requirements are moderately high due to the high number of applications from all over the world. Admission to Private academic institutions is comparatively more manageable, but they charge tuition fees from students, and getting engineering, medicine, or business degrees at private universities can be pretty expensive compared to social sciences programs.

English Medium Courses in Germany for Indian Students

Another benefit of choosing Germany to study from India is the accessibility of English-language courses. This means that you don’t have to learn academic German However; we insist that you master the fundamentals of the German language to communicate with the locals and fellow students. 

Be aware that bachelor’s qualifications within Germany are only offered in German. If you’re not enrolled in an accredited private institution, there’s a high chance you’ll get an English-taught diploma; however, if you don’t, you’ll need to study German. There’s a wide range of postgraduate degree programs in which English is the language of instruction. 

Below is the list of colleges that provide free education to Indians and other international students. You can find several postgraduate programs in these institutions in German as well as in English.

  1. University of Hamburg
  2. TU Darmstadt
  3. FAU Erlangen Nurnberg
  4. University of Munster
  5. Hamburg University of Technology
  6. SRH University of Heidelberg etc..

Eligibility Criteria for German Education for Indian students

To the start towards the German education for Indian students, the first step beyond deciding on a school and university is to verify the eligibility requirements of the particular institute students wish to join. An acceptable English proficiency score of IELTS or TOEFL and PTE is essential to prove your English language proficiency for courses taught in English. If you plan for the German language taught programs, you will need German language proficiency scores like B1 or C1 exam results. 

It is essential to know that certain universities in Germany could allow you to avoid having a test in the language when you show that you’ve studied the English language at a high school level. 

Certain institutions may also require an official GRE or GMAT score to be granted admission. Other important documents needed to be able to study in Germany are the German study visa and an admission offer letter from the German institution, LOR, and SOP. If you’ve been a successful student, then the chances of free education in Germany can be increased.

Indian Students in Germany

Germany Attracts Indian Students with Free Education for Indian students, Germany has a lot to offer, from its educational system to its student policies and culture. Indians made up the second largest group of international students attending the top German universities; most of them study management, engineering, social studies, mathematics, and natural sciences. 

Even post-pandemic Germany continues to witness an increase in Indian students. This is reflected in the German Academic Exchange Service survey, which found that most of the higher education institutions surveyed saw an increase in the number of newly enrolled students from India and other countries.

German Education for Indian Students- FAQ

Is studying in Germany free for Indian students?

Studying in Germany is free for Indian students at Public Universities funded by the German Government. Students will be charged only a semester fee of 150 t0 400 Euro, which is a meager amount.

Is it possible to get a loan for Germany's blocked account?

Students are not charged tuition fees at public universities in Germany. They only charge a fee of around 12,000 INR per semester.

Is Germany good for Indian students?

Germany is a popular destination for Indian students, especially engineers. The number of Indian students studying in Germany is increasing every year.

Can I study in Germany after completing my 12th from India?

Indian students can apply to study in Germany after completing their 12th class education scholarships to study in Germany. But they will have to complete one-year Studienkollegs (Preparatory course) to get admission in the undergraduate programs. 

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Go Germany also provides admission support for FREE Vocational Training Programs (Ausbuildung) in Germany for Indian students who have passed higher secondary in any stream. Read More: Study Free in Germany with Stipend Every Month After 12th

Admission is open for the below programs.

Nursing Ausbuildung in Germany

Male & Female

Qualification- Higher Secondary (Any Subject)

Age -17 to 25 Years

Duration- 3 Years

German Language- B1/B2 level Monthly

Stipend- Approx 1 Lakh /Month

Ausubuildung Program (Vocational Training) Technical

Categories: Electrician, Plumber, AC Technician, IT Specialists, Hotel Staff, Automobile Technicians, Dental assistants, and more…

Male & Female

Qualification- Higher Secondary (Any Subject)

Age -17 to 26 Years

Duration- 3 Years

German Language- B1/B2 level

Monthly Stipend- Approx 1 Lakh /Month

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