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Ausbildung in Germany for Indian Students With Stipend

Ausbildung in Germany for Indian


What is Vocational Training Program in Germany? Germany has a long-established vocational training system. The German apprenticeship system is one of the most successful in the world. Vocational training, or Ausbuildung, combines theory and practice and focuses on creating a skilled workforce. Learn more about Ausbildung in Germany for Indian students here.

This vocational training program is designed to provide students with a certificate and work experience in their field of study. The apprenticeship system has been an important part of Germany’s market economy for many years. Vocational training in Germany provides a strong foundation for career prospects, combining theory and practical experience that gives graduates an advantage over unskilled workers. 

No Need for a Blocked Account for Vocational Training Program in Germany

Most of the study programs required students to prove that they have adequate financial resources to support their studies. But for the vocational training programs, students do not need to show any bank balance or sponsor as they will be provided a monthly stipend of around 800 to 1400 Euro every month to cover their expenses while studying in Germany. More than 325 formal training programs are available in Germany. You can check more details about the German vocational training programs by contacting Go Germany, the top German Vocational training consultant in Kerala.

Ausbuildung Course Duration

Ausbildung in Germany typically lasts two to three years. During this time, pupils spend a few days at a vocational school called a Berufsschule, where they receive theory and practical training in their chosen field. In addition to learning the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in a particular trade. 

Ausbuildung is becoming increasingly important in Germany, where the world of work is changing rapidly. With the aging population and changing social and economic requirements, there is a pressing need for skilled workers. As a result, many young people with low school-leaving qualifications are now being accepted into vocational training programs in Germany. Teachers of vocational schools also provide social and personal skills training, two essential elements of education.
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Vocational Training Programs Eligibility Criteria

Ausbildung training programs are designed to teach students skills in a specific trade. Many start as early as high school, preparing students for careers in high-demand, skilled fields. Graduates of vocational schools have a distinct advantage over those without formal training. In addition, vocational schools are accredited by independent and industrial organizations, giving students the benefit of getting certified by major German companies.

Ausbildung in Germany for Indian Students- Eligibility

If you want to join any vocational training program in Germany, you should know some requirements before enrolling in a vocational training program: below are the requirements to join the Ausbuildung programs in Germany for Indians.

Educational Qualification: Passed 12th level education

         ·     Age: 18 to 25  

         ·        German Language Proficiency: B1 in German

          ·       Gender: Male & Female

Benefits of German Ausbuildung  Program

  • Stipend:  800 to 1250 Euro/Every Month 
  • No Tuition Fees
  • No Show money required
  • No Financial Proof 
  • No Need for a Blocked Account
  • Immediate Job placement after course
Ausbuildung Courses List
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Federal funding for vocational education has encouraged schools to make changes in the vocational training programs in Germany, leading to a higher number of students joining the vocational training or the Ausbuildung program in Germany. Apart from that, students from other countries can join this program, making it one of the fastest and most free options to study and work in Germany. Accredited schools offer these programs, so check the state licensing requirements before enrolling or contact any German Vocational training program consultants or agencies in Kerala for assistance.

Steps to Apply for German Ausbildung

A lot of Indian students are now aware of the freeAusbildung programs in Germany and want to apply for them.


If you are an Indian student and want to apply for Ausbildung in Germany, here are the steps.


·        Research and identify the Ausbildung matching your aptitude, talent, and career goals.

·        Join German language classes and earn the necessary proficiency. Usually, a B2 or B1 in German is the essential language requirement for Ausbildung courses in Germany.

·        Contact the companies in Germany and apply for the programs. OR contact us for Ausbildung admission assistance.

·        Attend the online interview with the representative of the companies providing Ausbildung courses in Germany.

·        After clearing the interview, wait for the Ausbildung offer letter.

·        Attend the Embassy interview and fly to Germany after getting the Ausbildung program visa.

What are the Documents Required for German Visa from India?

  Below are the documents required for Indian students to apply for German Ausbiludng.


              ·        Passport


       ·        Ausbildung offer letter from a company in Germany

       ·        German language certificate

       ·     A CV highlighting your qualification, Experience and reason for choosing the Ausbildung program 

        ·       All educational certificates

       ·        Copies of Highschool, Senior Secondary, ITI/Diploma etc

       ·    Work experience or Internship certificates, if any

       ·        Embassy fee paid slip

Career Prospects after Ausbildung in Germany

Ausbildung programs can improve students’ abilities and increase their chances of landing a job. Such training provides students with insight into the industry and gives employers a sense of the skills candidates have acquired. In addition, vocational students gain hands-on experience through internships and practical learning. These experiences make them ready for the job market. The company sponsors the students’ training programs and usually offers regular jobs to students after completing the vocational training programs.

What is the expected salary after completing the Ausbildung course?


The expected salary after completing an educational course in Germany will vary based on factors like the particular occupation and industry, location and degree of experience. Those who have completed their diploma in Ausbildung are likely to earn anywhere between EUR 2,700 to EUR 4,200 per month. The salaries of skilled workers can differ across various states in Germany. Furthermore, the applicant’s skill, experience and personal negotiation abilities can affect the pay.


Some Ausbildung categories, like IT Specialist, Tool & Die Specialist etc., usually earn higher salaries than other Ausbildung categories after completing the course. 

FAQ- Ausbildung German

Are Indian students eligible for Ausbildung programs in Germany?

Ausbildung courses are open to applicants from all countries, and Indian applicants can also apply for this free vocational training in Germany. But, it is crucial to satisfy the particular eligibility requirements set by the company offering the training or vocational school that offers the program, mainly proficiency in the German language.


Is it possible to apply for Ausbildung without the German language? 

The Ausbildung classes are conducted in German language only. So applying for German ausbildung programs is only possible by learning the German language.



Can I work part-time during my Ausbildung in Germany?

 Yes, you can work part-time during your Ausbildung program on Saturdays, Sundays and other holidays in Germany, subject to approval.


Do I need to show my bank balance or blocked account details for the Ausbildung visa?

No. For Ausbildung visa approval, you do not require to submit proof of funds or bank balance statements, as the companies conducting the Ausbildung programs pay students a monthly fixed stipend.



What are the job prospects for Indian students after completing the Ausbildung program in Germany?

Ausbildung in Germany is a skill-based program that gives more emphasis on practical training. Hence once the students complete this program, they will be ready to join the workforce without additional training. The training companies usually employ students who complete this practical training program or can find easy employment across various professions and industries in Germany and internationally.


Do I have the option of extending my stay in Germany after I have completed my Ausbildung? 
Yes, you can extend your time in Germany after completing your Ausbildung by getting a job offer from the same company where you are trained or other companies in Germany and later apply for a residency permit extension to pursue employment in Germany. The German government offers a variety of options to skilled workers to remain and work in Germany. To fill the skilled worker shortage, the German government has passed a bill reducing the the PR waiting period for foreign nationals from 8 to 3 years.

Why Join German Vocational Training Program?

Vocational training programs are faster and more affordable than traditional colleges. They allow students to earn advanced certifications much more quickly than four-year degrees. Many vocational schools are unionized, which can help students secure job security and provide legal representation in workplace disputes. Compared to traditional colleges, trade schools offer a wide variety of training programs, allowing students to choose various career options immediately after completing the training program. 

Another alternative to Ausbuildung in Germany is apprenticeship. Apprenticeships can train people for various professions, including highly skilled manufacturing and construction jobs. There are over 850 different apprenticeship programs in multiple fields. Some common programs train boilermakers, bricklayers, electricians, and plumbers, and some programs train cooks, stage technicians, etc. For more information about the Ausbildung requirements for visa, you can contact us or the German Emabssy or consulates in India.

An Ausbildung program in Germany combines classroom instruction and on-the-job training and can take anywhere from four to six years. However, competition for available slots can be stiff. 

Luckily, vocational language programs are also designed for specific careers. These programs teach special vocabulary and topics that are specific to those professions. To know more about the particular requirements for vocational training in Germany, you can contact Go Germany, the top German Ausbuildung Agency in Kerala Kochi in India.