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Why Should You Consider an Education Consultant in Delhi for Studying in Germany?

Are you a student looking to complete your studies in Germany? The study abroad experience is an unforgettable and life-changing experience as well. Germany is a well-known destination and one of the emerging study destinations for Indian students. But, the procedure of studying in a foreign nation can be challenging. This is where educational consultants step in. We will explore how German study visa consultants in Delhi can help you to study Ausbildung courses, Bachelor, and Masters’s in Germany without spending Lakhs of rupees as tuition fees. German education consultants can provide helpful guidance and assistance in preparing your visa application, university and course selection, and throughout your study abroad journey to Germany.


Major Aspects of German Study Abroad Programs

Eligibility for Indian Dentists to Work in Germany

We will help your clear the following aspects of German study abroad programs here:


     ·        Why Choose Study in Germany: The Advantages and Opportunities

     ·        Education Consultants in Delhi: Your Gateway to Studying in Germany

1.     How Can Education Consultants Help?

2.     Finding the Right Germany Study Visa Consultants in Delhi

3.     Beating Challenges Using the Assistance of Consultants

4.     Understanding the Visa Process

5.     Exploring Study Abroad Options


     ·        The German Education System: A Comprehensive Overview

1.     Structure of the German Education System

2.     Selecting the Right University and Course

3.     Language Requirements and Learning German

4.     Funding Your Education in Germany


     ·        Germany Education Consultants in Delhi: Top Recommendations

1.     Best Germany Education Consultants in Delhi

2.     Services Provided by Education Consultants

3.     Testimonials of Students


     ·        Study Abroad in Germany: FAQs Answered

1.     Is Studying in Germany Expensive?

2.     Can International Students Work While Studying?

3.     How to Choose the Best University in Germany?

4.     What Are the Top Universities in Germany?

5.     How to Apply for a Student Visa?


      ·        Conclusion: Key Takeaways for Studying in Germany


Why Choose Study in Germany?

The Advantages and Opportunities


Germany is well-known for its exceptional education system, offering many courses by the most prestigious universities without tuition fees. From medical to engineering, German universities provide numerous opportunities for students worldwide to explore their academic and professional goals. The main advantage of studying in Germany is its free education system. The no tuition fee system does not apply to German citizens only but also to students from other countries without any discrimination. An Indian student studying Bachelor’s degree and Master’s in Germany can save several lakhs of rupees in tuition fees.



How Can Education Consultants Help?

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Education consultants are essential in guiding students through the whole procedure of studying abroad in Germany. They offer personalized support to help students select the best school to navigate the visa application process and look into the options for studying overseas. With their knowledge and experience, German educational consultants can help simplify complicated education procedures and overcome the 
language barrier in Germany



Finding the Right Education Consultant in Delhi

When you are choosing an educational consultant, it’s crucial to select a reliable and skilled expert. As the top Germany Study Visa Consultants in Delhi, GoGermany Education consultants can help students get admission to German public universities where education is free of cost and guidance for German Ausbildung programs. 

Studying abroad can pose several issues, ranging from the language barrier to cultural adaptations. Education consultants can offer valuable help to students, helping them overcome their challenges and ease the transition into studying in Germany. 


Understanding the Visa Process

A student visa is a crucial aspect of studying abroad in Germany. It can be a challenge. However, educational consultants can offer the guidance and assistance needed. GoGermany’s German study counselors will explain the procedure for submitting a visa along with the necessary documents and other information essential to aid students in obtaining a student visa to Germany.


How to Apply for a Student Visa?

Indian applicants require a study visa to study in Germany. 


Below are the documents required to apply for a student visa from India


  • Passport
  • Admission letter from an approved institution in Germany
  • German /IELTS language requirements depending on the course
  • Blocked account details (Not required for Ausbildung courses)
  • Details of fund source for UG & Masters study
  • Educational certificates
  • Details of work experience, if applicable
  • APS certificates for Masters study

    German consultants will help you arrange the visa documents, open a Blocked account, and conduct a mock interview for the success of your German visa application. For more information about German visa requirements for Indian applicants, you can contact us or contact the website of German Embassy in India. 

Exploring Study Abroad Options

Germany provides a wide range of study options and universities. Education advisors can assist students in discovering a variety of options for studying according to their academic background, interests, and career goals. Our German study advisors will explore the various study areas in Germany and other popular destinations for study and other factors to be considered when selecting a school and course.


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The German Education System: A Comprehensive Overview

The German Education System: A Comprehensive Overview


1.          Structure of the German Education System

The structure of the German educational system is entirely different from other European and top overseas study destinations like the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. The two critical aspects of German education are its free education programs at Government funded public universities and Free Ausbildungs (vocational training programs) that give more importance to practical training for preparing the ready workforce for its industries. German educational consultants can explain the various kinds of schools, free UG and Masters Programs in Germany, their requirements, and the importance of vocational training in this Ausbildung program.



2.          Selecting the Right University and Course

The right college and course is a crucial choice for every student. Germany has numerous famous universities offering a diverse selection of courses. German study visa consultants guide students to check the essential aspects when choosing the right university, including ranking, research opportunities, faculty, and the availability of scholarships if students choose to study in German private universities. Student visa experts also help students in finding suitable accommodation, open a bank account, and help with other needs of the students in Germany. 


Some of the Top Universities


·        RWTH Aachen.

·        Technical University of Berlin.

·        Technical University Braunschweig.

·        Technical University Darmstadt.

·        Technical University Dresden. 

·        Arden University

·        Berlin School of Business and Innovation

·        EU Business School

·        EURASIA Institute Berlin

·        GISMA Hochschule

·        IFS Germany GmbH & Co. KG

·        International School of Management ISM

·        iSL Language School

·        Leibniz University Hannover.

·        Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

·        Technical University Munich.

·        The University of Stuttgart.


3.          Top Courses to Study 


·        Engineering

·        Computer Science

·        Medical Science

·        Mathematics and Computer Science

·        Natural Sciences.

·        Business and Economics

·        Architecture.

·        Psychology.

·        Earth Science


Admission Requirements for Indian Students

For Bachelors Degree

·        13 years of education in India or 12th pass and complete 1-year studienkolleg in Germany

·        Minimum 50% Marks

·        IELTS score minimum of 5.5 Overall for English medium courses

·        German B2 level certificate for courses in German 



For Masters 

·        Bachelors Degree

·        Minimum 55% Marks for PG

·        Minimum 65% Marks for MS in Engineering

·        IELTS score minimum of 5.5 Overall for English medium courses

·        German B2 level certificate for German medium courses

·        APS Certificate


For Ausbildung Courses- FREE program with a monthly stipend

·        Must have passed 12th Class

·        Minimum 55% Marks 

·        The age should be 17 to 25 years

·        German B1 or B2 certificate

     Learn more about Free Ausbildung Courses for 12th Passed students with monthly salary


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German Language Requirements

Although many of the study programs in Germany are run in English, having a basic understanding of German can significantly enhance your interaction with locals. German study visa consultants can explain the benefits and requirements of learning and the other tests like IELTS and TestDaF.


For UG & Masters in the German language: German B2 level certificate

For UG & Masters in English language: German language not required. IELTS required (Minimum score 5.5) 
For Ausbildung Programs:   German B1/B2 level certificate.



Funding Your Education in Germany


The cost of financing your education is a crucial aspect to consider when studying abroad. Germany offers a range of financing options for international students, such as grants, scholarships, and part-time work opportunities. German study abroad consultants can help you understand various sources of financing and offer information about scholarships designed explicitly for international students studying in Germany.


List of Fully Funded Scholarships 

1.     DAAD Scholarships

2.     DAAD EPOS Scholarship.

3.     DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarship 

4.     Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships.

5.     Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Scholarships.

6.     Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships etc.


Part-time Job Rules for Students

Students in Germany are permitted to work part time during their study breaks, holidays, and vacations. They can work up to 40 hours a week and full-time during long vocations and holidays.


Post Study Work Permit

Germany permits international students to stay there for up to 2 years after completing their studies. During this period, they can search for a job and continue their stay.


Services Provided by Education Consultants

Education consultants provide various services to ensure a smooth and enjoyable study abroad adventure. The services German student visa consultants provide in Delhi include admissions assistance, university selection with visa advice, and help before departure. Understanding the scope of these services will help you make an informed choice on which consultant to choose.


Study Abroad in Germany: FAQs Answered

·        Is Studying in Germany Expensive?

The cost of studying at a university is zero or minimum, meaning Germany does not charge any tuition fee to international students to study at its Public universities. Students only have to pay a semester fee of around 250 to 400 EURO depending on the universities.



·        How to Choose the Best University in Germany?

The best college in Germany is a careful evaluation of a variety of aspects. This section will guide selecting the ideal school, considering factors like rankings, program offerings and facilities for research, campus facilities, and student services. We will also discuss websites and resources to help you make an informed choice.


·        What Are the Top Universities in Germany?


Some universities are known for their research excellence and academic contributions and are listed among the world’s top 50 universities. The top universities include RWTH Aachen. The Technical University of Berlin., Technical University Braunschweig, Technical University Darmstadt, Technical University Dresden, etc.



Conclusion: Key Takeaways for Studying in Germany

The study in Germany provides a variety of possibilities for students from abroad. Choose the best German educational consultant from Delhi, be aware of what is required in the German education system, and become conscious of the process for studying abroad and the process of studying abroad. You can begin an exciting journey to achieve your goals in academics and professional life. Remember that studying in Germany is a process that requires meticulous planning as well as research and guidance. You can make your desire to study in Germany possible with proper assistance.



  • Germany provides excellent opportunities for education to international students.
  • Education experts in Delhi provide assistance and guidance during the entire study abroad process.
  • Knowing how to navigate the German school system is vital in deciding on the best university and program.
  • Options for funding, requirements for language, as well as procedures for obtaining visas, should be taken into consideration.
  • The highly recommended educational consultants of Delhi provide a variety of services. They also have an established track record.
  • Questions about the cost, employment opportunities, selection of universities, and the visa process are answered.
  • Find the right educational consultant and make sure you plan your study accordingly to get sure you get the best out of your studying abroad experiences in Germany.
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German education consultants deal exclusively with German study visas and other educational services related to Germany. Our German education experts have long-standing experience guiding students through the procedure for applying, obtaining a visa, and advising on the best universities. Our team provides updated information and accurate information about the German study visa requirements and admission support for Masters in German public universities, Ausbildung programs, and free Bachelor’s programs for Indian students.

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