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Since 2022, Germany has become one of the popular study abroad destinations for Indian students especially for Masters Studies. According to data from the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, there are more than 40000 thousands students from India are pursuing different courses in Germany most of them doing Post graduate programs.  Germany has adopted a free education policy in its public universities where along with German citizens, international students are offered admission without paying tuition fees. The public universities charge only a semester fee from students. Read more about the requirements to study MS in Germany, Admission Intake, Visa documentations, and language requirements etc from GoGermany, one of the best MS in Germany Consultants in Hyderabad.

Why Study in Germany?

The quality and value of German education and the opportunities students get to do internship in world’s top industries and business organization is another factor that drives Indian students to Germany for pursuing masters in Germany. Ample job opportunities and shortage of skilled employees have made the job prospects of international students brighter and the newly introduced bill reducing the waiting period for Permanent Residency in Germany from eight to three years has further increased the interest of Indian students to seek admission for MS in Germany for different fields. As Public universities in Germany do not charge tuition fees, making education accessible to all, a lot of students started exploring Germany for their MS in Germany.

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Requirements for MS in Germany for Indian students

·        Degree with minimum 65% Marks for MS Programs

·        Degree with Minimum 55% Marks for PG Courses

·        IELTS score minimum of 5.5 Overall for Masters Programs in English Medium

·        APS Certificate

Fees German Student Visa Requirements

  • Passport with 6 months validity
  • Admission offer from university
  • German /IELTS language according to the program
  • German Blocked account information
  • 6 Months Bank Account Statements
  • Educational certificates including mark lists and transcripts
  • Work  experience, if any
  • APS certificate – (Certificate Authentication Check)
  • Receipt of Visa fee
  • For more details about Germany study visa, contact us or visit Germany Consulate Hyderabad website 


Tuition Fee

The most appealing advantage of German education is the absence of tuition fees for all, including international students. You read it right – the education offered at German Public universities is free- students need not pay the tuition fees to universities in the public sector which the German government funds. 


Are there any other charges students need to pay?

Even though tuition fees are not imposed at public universities in Germany, some administrative costs or semester-long contributions might be required. The semester fee is quite affordable compared to tuitiion fee in other countries. The semester fee includes libraray fee, administrative charges and public transportation passes. 

Semester Fees

Most public universities’ semester fees range from 250 EUR to 300 EUR (INR 24000 Approx).


Types of Universities in Germany

German universities are known for their academic programs. There are four types of Universities in Germany.


  • Universities or Universitat-: Traditional Universities offering various programs.

  • Technical Universities or Technische Universitat (TU): Technical universities offer specialized programs mainly in Engineering, like the famous TU 9 University Consortium. 

  • Universities of Applied Science (Fachhochschulen, Hochschule fur Angewandte Wissenschaften)Mainly offer practical training programs.

  • Colleges of Art, Film and Music (Kunst-/Musikhochschulen):Offer programs in theatre, film and music etc

 Part-time Work Permit While Studying 

Students pursuing Masters in Germany are permitted to work part time for up to 40 hours a week during regular time and full-time during summer vocations and holidays.

Post Study Work Permit

After completing Masters in Germany, International students can stay in Germany up to 2 years. Once they find a job in Germany they can extend their stay and change the visa category.

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Why Should You Avail the Service of Germany Student Visa Consultants in Hyderabad?


The application process for MS in Germany can be quite challenging, especially for international students who are unfamiliar with the German education system. From choosing the right university and program to preparing the required documents and meeting deadlines, there are many complexities involved. As MS in German public universities is free, you have to expect a lot of competition from students from all over the world. Additionally, understanding the admission requirements and eligibility criteria can be confusing. But do not worry, Germany student visa consultants in Hyderabad will help you navigate these complexities to secure admission to a Master’s program in Germany.

German education Consultants in Chennai
Services Offered by MS in Germany Consultants in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, a major city in India, is home to several consultancy services that specialize in assisting students with their applications for MS in Germany. We offer comprehensive guidance and support for studying abroad in Germany. Availing consultancy services for MS in Germany offers several advantages to students. Consultancy services streamline the application process and save students time and effort. They provide guidance on selecting the right universities, preparing application documents, and meeting deadlines. This helps students avoid unnecessary delays and ensures that their applications are submitted on time. 

What are the Common Challenges Faced by Students and how to overcome these challenges?

Pursuing MS in Germany may face several challenges, especially during the initial stages of their journey. Some common challenges include:

1.     Culture Shock: Adjusting to a new culture and environment can be challenging for international students. Consultancy services can provide guidance on cultural norms and help students prepare for the cultural differences they may encounter in Germany

2. Education System Differences: The German education system may be different from what students are accustomed to in their home countries. 


How to Prepare for MS in Germany?

1: Learn the Language: Although German language is not mandatory for admission to MS in Germany programs taught in English medium, learning the local language will help you in many ways, including communication with German colleges, part time jobs and other things. So consider taking German language courses once you got the admission offer

2. Research Universities: Conduct thorough research on universities and programs that align with your academic background and career goals. Consider factors such as rankings, faculty expertise, research opportunities, and alumni network.

 3. Prepare Application Documents: Start preparing your application documents well in advance. This includes transcripts, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, and any additional documents required by the universities.

4. Expenses:  Although MS courses in German public universities is free, if you want to study MS in German private universities you have to pay the tuition fees. Apart from the tuition fees, you will have to meet the housing and other expenses.

Scholarships: Explore the scholarship options and talk to your Germany study abroad consultants in Hyderabad about various scholarships available to MS students in Germany.

Accommodation Search: Finding suitable accommodation in Germany is not an easy task in several cities. So do your research before flying to Germany.


Visa Processing: Obtaining a student visa for Germany can be a challenging process. Seek the guidance of experienced German educational consultants in Hyderabad who are familiar with Germany study visa rules. They also help students prepare for visa interviews, if required.


Q1: Can Indian students apply for a free master’s program in Germany?
A1: Absolutely. Germany offers a variety of UG and Master’s degree programs for students from all over the world. German public university education is free for all students.

Q2: What are the language requirements to study for a master’s degree in Germany?
A2: The language requirements are different for each degree and the university. Most postgraduate programs are taught in English and require a minimum IELTS score of 5.5.

Q3: What is the duration of German Master’s programs?
A3: Typically, a master’s degree in Germany takes two years long to complete, but specific programs could be shorter or more extensive.

Q4: Are there any other charges for students from abroad in Germany?
A4: The public universities in Germany don’t charge tuition fees regardless of the country of origin. There are, however, administration fees or semester contributions. The semester fees are around Rs 24000/ semester, usually covering administrative charges, library fees, and public transportation tickets.

Q5: Are there any scholarships available for Master’s studies in Germany?
A5: Yes. The popular German scholarships are DAAD Scholarships, Erasmus+ Scholarships, and many others.

Q6: Can students work part-time in Germany?
A6: Yes International students are permitted to work part-time while they study, generally at least 20 hours per workweek.

Q7: What are the chances of a job after you have completed the Master’s qualification in Germany?
A7: Germany offers excellent job opportunities for students, especially in engineering, technology, science, and science. Due to the shortage of trained workers, Germany currently has a massive demand for skilled workers.

Note: Students planning to study in Germany should collect updated information from specific universities or experienced German education consultants to find the most current and accurate information before moving the application.


Pursuing MS in Germany offers numerous benefits to international students, but the application process and navigating the German education system can be complex and overwhelming. This is where expert guidance from MS in Germany consultants in Hyderabad becomes crucial. Consultancy services provide valuable support and guidance throughout the application process, helping students select the right universities, prepare application documents, and navigate through visa requirements. By availing consultancy services, students can save time and money, increase their chances of acceptance, and receive personalized guidance tailored to their unique needs. The success stories of students who have availed consultancy services highlight the positive impact of expert guidance on their application process and overall experience. While consultancy services provide valuable support, it is also important for students to take proactive steps in preparing for MS in Germany. 


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