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Germany APS Certificates for Indian Students


Germany is one of the favorite countries for students from Thrissur looking for study abroad programs. There are many reasons for the interest in German higher education programs. Being the top country in the engineering sector, Germany always attracts students from all over the world, including Kerala. The free or low-cost education and job prospects after study are the top reasons why students from India look forward to Germany for higher studies.  Go Germany Education Consultants in Thrissur can help you if you are planning to study in Germany.

About German Education System

Germany is known for its high-quality education system open to all sections of students all over the world. The German education system strongly focuses on practical aspects as well as research and development, providing students with an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience through internships and apprenticeships. With its focus on innovation, technology, and creativity, Germany’s education system ensures its graduates are well-prepared for the global job market once they step out of school, college or university.

Eligibility for Indian Dentists to Work in Germany

Why Students Prefer to Study in Germany?

With world-class universities, multinational companies, and industrial houses, Germany offers many educational opportunities to those studying there. From engineering and business management to arts and humanities, there are plenty of courses available in Germany that can help you get ahead in your career. Besides free education provided by government universities, students also get opportunities to work in top companies like Mercedes- Benz, Audi, Siemens, SAP etc .

Best Study Programs in Germany
Ausbildung Programs (Free Vocational Training ) With Monthly Stipend

The Ausbildung Program or Apprenticeship or vocational training is a type of skill training that allows the student to attend a vocational program in a particular field and work and earn a regular salary during the process. Ausbildung is free dual vocational education in Germany, focusing equally on theory and practical training.    


Study in Germany consultants in Thrissur

Course Duration- 3 Years


 Free Programs

§  Nursing

§  Office Administration

§  Hotel Receptionist

§  Mechatronics

§  IT Specialist

§  Electrical etc.

Fees for Ausbildung Program

§  No Fees for International Students


Monthly Stipend

§  Students get a stipend of 750 EUR to 1400 EUR/Month




§  12th Passed with minimum 60% marks

§  Male and Female

§  B1 Level in German 

§  Age – 17 years to 27 years


 Blocked Account: Not Required


Study Bachelors in Germany

The eligibility criteria for bachelor’s programs in Germany are high, as students should have a minimum of 75% for admission. Most bachelor’s programs are in the German language, so students should have C1-level proficiency for the German-taught programs. The German schooling duration is 13 years to equalize the German schooling years. Indian students should have completed the 1st year of any degree program to be eligible to join the degree programs in Germany. Students who want to join immediately after completing the 12th in India can join the one-year “Studienkolleg” program in Germany, making them eligible to apply for the bachelor in Germany.

Eligibility to Apply for Bachelor in Germany


§  12th Pass with minimum 75% marks

§  Completed 1 Year of Any Degree Program Or Attended 1 Year Studienkolleg Program in Germany

§  German Language Proficiency preferably B2/C1 or Earn German Language Proficiency preferably B2/C1 level while studying for the Studienkolleg Program in Germany.


Study Free PG Programs in Germany

Germany is one of the best places for studying Masters. It offers a wide range of free postgraduate programs that attract students from across the world. With its free education policy, Germany has become a preferred destination for worldwide students looking for quality education in Europe without spending too much money.

Students studying in Germany can benefit from its excellent infrastructure for free PG programs available in various disciplines like engineering, medicine, business, and more.



PG Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility for Public Universities for English-Taught Programs


§  Graduation with minimum 65% marks

§  IELTS 6.5 for English-taught programs 


Eligibility for German-Taught Programs

§  ·Graduation with minimum 60% marks

§  C1 Level German Language Proficiency


Eligibility for Private Universities (English Taught)

§  Graduation with minimum 50% marks

§  IELTS 6.5 for English-taught programs 



Germany APS Certificates for Indian Students
Study MS in Germany- Free

Studying MS /M Tech is a dream of engineering students in India as Germany is known as the hub world’s engineering and automobile industries. Fortunately, Germany provides free education to students from all countries, not only to its citizens, so it is a wonderful opportunity for deserving students from Thrissur to apply for MS in Germany, free or at low cost, at public universities in Germany or private universities.


Eligibility for MS in Public Universities (English Taught)


§  Graduation with minimum 65% marks

§  IELTS 6.5 for English-taught programs 


Eligibility for German-Taught Programs

§  Graduation with minimum 60% marks

§  C1 Level German Language Proficiency


Eligibility for Private Universities (English Taught)

§  Graduation with minimum 50% marks

§  IELTS 6.5 for English-taught programs 


Other Education Programs in Germany

Other Study in Germany Programs available are

  • Study MDS in Germany
  • Study MD in Germany
  • Study Medical PG in Germany

Stay back Rules in Germany for students

Germany has implemented 18 months Stay Back Rule for foreign students studying there. This rule allows international students to remain in Germany for up to 1.5 years after completing their studies to search for employment. The Stay back option is another factor that attracts foreign students to Germany as students who want to gain work experience in Germany and make the most of their time there. Usually, most students, especially engineering students and students in health care easily find jobs within the stay-back duration.


Job Opportunities in Germany for International Students

Germany is one of the best places for international students to find job opportunities. With its strong economy and shortage of workers in various fields, Germany offers international students, including Non-EU countries like India, a wide range of jobs, from internships to permanent employment. Germany welcomes international students and offers many incentives, such as language courses, free vocational training programs like Ausbildung, and access to social networks. With its strong economy and supportive environment, Germany is ideal for international students to study and settle after completing their studies.



Top Companies and Businesses in Germany

Germany is one of the world’s most powerful economies and is home to some of the biggest companies and businesses. From automotive giants like Mercedes to leading technology firms like SAP, Germany is the Mecca of engineering and a hub of industrial giants and specialized small and medium businesses.


Some of the top business brands in Germany are below.


§  Mercedes-Benz

§  Audi, 

§  BMW

§ Bayer

§  Siemens,

§  Volkswagen

§  Deutsche Bank 

§  Porsche

§ Deloitte

§  Bosch

§  SAP

§  Siemens

§  Adidas

§  Allianz etc..


Easy Job Sectors for International Students in Germany

Although there are a lot of job opportunities in Germany for international students, German language proficiency can be a hurdle for a significant section of international students.


Below are the top job employment opportunities for Indian students that are readily available for students with limited German knowledge.


§  Software Engineers

§  Mechanical Engineers

§  Automobile Engineers

§  Electrical Engineers

§  Skilled workers etc


How Can Go Germany Education Consultants help you ?

Studying in Germany can be challenging due to the high competition from students from all over the world to get admitted to German government universities for free education. With the help of German education consultants in Thrissur, you can make the process much easier and smoother. As the top study in Germany education consultants in Thrissur, we can provide you with all the necessary information about studying in Germany, from admission requirements and course selection, and explain the selection criteria of the public universities, to visa procedures. 


We can also guide you through the application process of Government universities and provide invaluable advice on making your application stand out among other applicants and finally get an opportunity to study in your dream country.


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