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Best Study in Germany Education Consultants in Kolkata

Are you searching for the best study in Germany Consultants in KolkataGerman education is getting very popular in Kolkata because of the free education Germany offers to International students. As Indian students always search for affordable education abroad, this free education opportunity Germany offers is nothing less than a dream opportunity for Indian students.


Study in Germany Consultants in Kolkata- Topics Covered

Eligibility for Indian Dentists to Work in Germany

·        Study in Germany: What Makes It a Popular Study Abroad Destination?

·        How to Obtain a Student Visa for Germany?

·        Tuition Fees and Financial Considerations for Indian Students

·         Higher Education Opportunities in Germany

·         Studying in Germany for Indian Students: Challenges and Solutions

·         Living in Germany A Look at the German Lifestyle and Culture

·        Study Programs and Universities in Germany: Exploring the Options

·        Advantages of Studying in Germany for Indian Students

·        Top 10 Benefits of Studying in Germany for Indian Students

·        Career Prospects and Job Opportunities in Germany.

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What is Free Education in Germany?

German government follows a liberal policy that emphasizes affordable educational opportunities to all students, both its citizens and students from other countries. According to its free education policy, the public universities under the administrative and financial control of the government do not charge tuition fees from students, and they only charge a nominal fee every semester, known as the ” Semester Fee.” So students getting admission to study for Bachelors’s and Masters’s at German public universities are required to pay only the semester fees or semester contribution and no need to pay the mandatory tuition fees charged by foreign universities abroad.

So How Much is the Semester Fee? 

Although the semester fee is not fixed, in most Public universities in Germany, the semester fee is in the range of EUR 150 to 350 or a maximum of upto 450(INR 25000 Approx) per semester.

What do students get by paying the Semester Fee?

Yes. The semester fee includes the administrative charges of the university and library fees and covers the charges of the student travel card, which allows students to travel while studying. 

How to Obtain a Student Visa for Germany?

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Requirements for German Study Visa from India


·        Must meet the specific criteria like the proof of acceptance from the German university.

·        Enough funds to pay for living expenses as well as health insurance. 

·        IELTS 5.5 score and above for English medium courses

·        B2 in the German language for German medium course

·    APS Certificate (Certificate Authentication Checking process) For more info check German Visa from India website


Other Expenses


Tuition fee is a significant part of the study abroad expenses in every country. As students of public universities in Germany get a tuition fee waiver, they only need to take care of the other expenses like Accomodation, food, and miscellaneous expenses like internet charges. As students get a free travel card, they need not worry about the transportation cost in Germany. 


The approximate monthly cost for all expenses ranges from 700 to 800 EUR, depending on the student’s lifestyle. If you like to work part-time, then a good portion of these expenses can be covered by part-time jobs in Germany. Again it depends on your financial requirements and interest 


Categories of Universities in Germany

There are four types of universities in Germany which differ in their educational approach, programs offered, and specializations. 

Universities or UniversitatTraditional universities offer academic subjects emphasizing theoretical knowledge and research. 


Technical Universities or Technische Universitat (TU): Technical universities specialize in scientific and technological fields and emphasize applied research and engineering. World-famous TU 9 universities are part of the Technische Universitat.



Universities of Applied Science (Fachhochschulen, Hochschule fur Angewandte Wissenschaften): The Universities of Applied Sciences are oriented towards practical training, preparing their students for specific careers through close collaboration and hands-on experience. 


Colleges of Art, Film and Music (Kunst-/Musikhochschulen): Colleges of Art, Film, and Music priorities artistic expression and practical skills in creative fields.

When choosing between the different types of German universities, it’s essential to consider your career goals, interests, and preferred learning styles. The different types of universities in Germany offer unique educational opportunities. Choosing the one that best suits your academic and career goals is crucial.


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Advantages of Studying in Germany for Indian Students

German education has numerous advantages in the eyes of Indian students.


Top 10 Benefits of Studying in Germany for Indian Students


  1. The best education in the world at top universities
  2. Tuition fees are low or free at public universities.
  3. Funding opportunities and scholarships
  4. A vibrant and diverse student life
  5. Great opportunities for research and development
  6. An efficient and well-connected transportation system
  7. Opportunities for internships and employment in the most prestigious industries
  8. Social security and quality healthcare.
  9. A safe and warm environment for students from abroad
  10. The gateway to Europe Discover and travel to other countries in the region.
Career Prospects and Job Opportunities in Germany

Germany offers a wide variety of programs in the English language that make international students study in Germany without studying the German language. The opportunities for students to get trained in world-famous companies like Mercedes, Siemens, BMW, Volkswagen Allianz, Daimler AG, etc., and bright employment prospects and reduced Permanent Residency (3 years) are other factors that make Germany the top choice for international students.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the German language compulsory for studying Master’s programs in Germany?

Most of the German universities offer courses in English & German. Students looking for German medium programs require proof of German language proficiency, whereas students planning to join English medium programs do not require a German language certificate . However, having a good grasp of German will enhance your overall experience and increase the chances of job opportunities, internships, and social interactions. So it is better to learn basic German after getting the admission offer letter.


2. Is IELTS necessary for a Master’s program in Germany?

The English proficiency requirements for Master’s degree admission in Germany differ based on the institution and the program. Some universities might need IELTS or similar English tests for proficiency in English, while others might waive this requirement if your prior education was in English (MOI). For more information, please consult any German education consultant in Kolkata.


3. How much percentage is required to study Master’s in German Public Universities?

German public universities usually look at academic performance when evaluating applications to Master’s degree programs. The minimum percentage required or the grade point ratio (GPA) will vary based on the institution and the program. It is crucial to study the requirements of each university since some might have minimum GPA standards. At the same time, some may be more focused on other criteria, like letters of recommendation or motivation letters. Generally, students who scored at least 55% in graduation can apply for PG programs, and 65% marks can apply for MS programs in Germany. 


4. Are scholarships available to Indian students enrolled in Germany?

Yes, The scholarships include  Government scholarships, schoarships offered by various foundations. Some  universities offer these scholarships on their capacity. 


5. Can students from other countries take part-time jobs while they study in Germany?

Yes, students from abroad in Germany can be part-time while they study. As a student from another country, you can take up to 120 complete days or 240 part days per year. Part-time jobs not only provide the opportunity for financial assistance but also gives you experience in the field and an introduction to German working culture. 

Go Germany Kolkata Address

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Germany requires millions of skilled workers for its industries and other sectors. The aging population and lack of interest among the youths to join specific categories of jobs like nursing and Ausbildung programs are other issues that compel Germany to lure foreign workers to Germany. It is a wonderful opportunity for skilled workers and students pursuing various courses in Germany to build their careers and settle there. If you are looking for the German Education Consultants in Kolkata, Please send your enquiry for UG, PG, MS , MDS programs and Ausbildung Programs ( Free Vocational Training programs for 12th passed students with monthly stipend) Please send your enquiry.