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IT Ausbildung in Germany (IT Specialist ) 2024-2025

it ausbildung in germany

IT Ausbildung in Germany - IT Specialist

The IT Specialist Program, better known as IT Ausbildung in Germany, is a vocational training program, apprenticeship, or vocational training. IT Ausbildung in Germany prepares students to meet the skill requirements of the IT sector. The typical length of the IT Specialist Ausbildung in Germany is three years. They are an alternative to the traditional academic route, such as university degrees.


What is Ausbildung?

In Germany, “Ausbildung” refers to a vocational training program combining classroom teaching and practical training on the job. The Ausbildung courses are designed to equip students with the capabilities and the necessary knowledge to work in specific trades or occupations. 

Benefits of IT Specialist Ausbildung in Germany


    ·   Practical experience: One of the main benefits of the IT Ausbildung program is the chance to gain hands-on experience while learning. Students work with experts in the IT sector and apply their expertise in real-world tasks, building essential practical skills employers desire.


    · Free for All StudentsThe best part about German Ausbildung is that this vocational training program is free for all   (No Tuition Fee), including international students. Moreover, selected students are paid a monthly salary (stipend) during the course.


     ·   Specific training for the industry: IT Training programs are focused on specific skills for the industry and provide specific instruction in areas like software development and managing databases, network administration, programming, software development, cyber security, and much more. This knowledge-based training improves their job prospects and helps them prepare for specific positions within their IT sector.


   ·  Recognized qualifications: Students receive a recognized vocational qualification like the IHK (Industrie and Handelskammer) certificate after successfully completing an IT-related education program. These certificates are highly valued in the German and International market for jobs, as they demonstrate the ability and knowledge of potential employers.


Ausbildung in Germany for Indian




IT Ausbildung courses typically use a dual-system approach that combines classroom instruction and practical training. Students spend some of their time in an educational institution for theory classes, while the other time in a workplace and applying their learning in real-world settings. This dual method ensures an extensive learning experience and an easy transition into the workforce.





To be eligible for the IT Ausbildung program in Germany, Indian applicants must meet the below criteria


·       Must have passed 10+2 with at least 55% marks or above

·       Age should be 17 years to 25 years.
(Candidates with experience in the computer filed can apply up to 27years)

·       Must have passed B1 or B2 level German language exam at the time of visa.

·   Students having knowledge of any one programming language like C/ C++ , Java, Python etc will get preference. Students who have not studied the computer language can start learning the computer program along with German language and prepare themselves better for the interview.

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Salary (Stipend) During IT Ausbildung

Salary (Stipend) During IT Ausbildung

The students of IT Ausbildung usually receive a monthly stipend of EUR 1040 to 1200 EUR per month. But this stipend amount can be different per the rules of the participating companies.


Salary (Stipend) of IT Specialist Students


1st   Year-    1040 € / Every Month

2nd Year-   1100 €  /Every Month
3rd  Year –  1200 € /Every Month

Documents Required for IT Ausbildung Visa


     ·        Original Passport

     ·        Ausbildung Admission offer letter

     ·        German language certificate

     ·        Experience certificates if any


     ·        Visa Fee Receipt

     For more information about Ausbildung visa documentation you can contact us or contact any VFS German Visa cell or German Embassy in India.

Career Prospects after IT Ausbildung

IT specialist vocational training programs provide an array of possibilities for career advancement in the German market. Students can work in many sectors, including companies that develop software, IT consulting companies, telecommunications firms, banking institutions, etc. With Germany being the home of numerous tech companies and startups, the demand for highly skilled IT professionals is always high.


Expected Salary After IT Ausbildung

IT Ausbildung is one of the highest-paid Ausbildung in Germany. The students who have completed the IT specialist Ausbildung in Germany are paid higher than other Ausbildung categories like nurses and physiotherapists. The starting salary of IT Ausbildung students after the course in Germany ranges from 3500 EUR to 4200 EUR.



The IT Ausbildung types in Germany above provide an overview of the many possibilities available through the IT Ausbildung courses in Germany. Each specialization offers specific training tailored to particular roles or responsibilities in the IT sector, allowing individuals to build specific abilities and skills within their particular field.



Ausbildung in IT in Germany includes a range of categories that offer students the chance to specialize in specific technology areas. Compared to other Ausbildung programs in Germany, more specialized courses can be found in the IT Specialist programs. The program is focused on gaining skills in specific IT areas, including application development, integration of systems, network administration, and managing databases. 

The IT Specialist Training program offers the most comprehensive and targeted training, preparing students for specific roles and increasing prospects for success in the IT career market.


IT Ausbildung programs cover a wide variety of subjects which allow students to take specific training in different areas of information technology. 


The most popular IT-related categories of training in Germany are:


1.     Information Technology Specialist (Fachinformatiker):

a.     Application Development (Anwendungsentwicklung)

b.     Systems Integration (Systemintegration)

c.      Process Analysis (Datenand Prozessanalyse)

d.     Digital Networking (Digitalvernetzung)


        2.     IT Systems Electronics Technician (IT-Systemelektroniker)

        3.     IT Management Assistant (IT-Systemkaufmann/-frau)

        4.     IT and Telecommunications Systems Specialist (IT-Systemelektroniker/-in)

        5.     IT Business Manager (Informatikkaufmann/-frau)

        6.     Computer Science Expert (Informatikkaufmann/-frau)

        7.     Software Developer (Softwareentwickler)

        8.     Network Administrator (Netzwerkadministrator)

         9.     Database Administrator (Datenbankadministrator)

        10.                        IT Security Specialist (IT-Sicherheitsbeauftragter)


For those passionate about technology and looking for a career in the IT business, IT Ausbildung programs in Germany are a fantastic way to gain experience in the field, industry-specific knowledge, and a recognized qualification. The IT Specialist Ausbildung programs blend the classroom with work-based instruction, providing a comprehensive education that prepares students for rewarding careers in the ever-changing information technology sector. When they enroll in an IT education program, students interested in technology can explore a wealth of possibilities and contribute to the enlightened technology of Germany’s growing technology sector.    Want to join the FREE IT Specialist Ausbildung program in Germany?  We Can help you to get admission to this job-oriented IT program. 

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