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Study in Germany Consultants in Gurgaon

The decision to study abroad is crucial and needs careful preparation and planning. With the assistance of Study in Germany consultants in Gurgaon, you will be able to get through the maze of applying for a visa, learn about visa requirements as well as research some of the best universities in Germany and get valuable assistance tailored to meet your specific requirements. This article will give you complete information about the services provided by these consultants. They will also answer crucial questions regarding studying in Germany and abroad study generally. The German education consultants in Gurgaon can help make your study programs a reality. 



Overview Of German Education Consultants

Eligibility for Indian Dentists to Work in Germany


1.    Understanding the Role of Education Consultants

2.    Why Germany? Exploring Study Opportunities

3.    Choosing the Right Consultant

4.    The Application Process

5.    Visa Assistance and Student Permit

6.    Exploring Top Universities in Germany

7.    Preparing for Life in Germany

8.    Scholarship and Financial Aid

9.    Support Services and Post-Arrival Assistance


Germany consultants are committed professionals with experience in helping students like you achieve their goals of going abroad to study. If you’re a student from Delhi, Gurugram or any other city in India, These consultants offer expert guidance and support throughout your abroad education.

Germany Study Programs - Admission Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree: Requirements for Admission

  • Total 13 years education in India or attend 1-year studienkolleg in Germany after 12th.
  • Minimum 50% Marks
  • IELTS score minimum of 5.5 (For English Programs)
  • B2 level in German (For German Programs)
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 Masters Degree: Requirements for Admission

  • Bachelors with Minimum 55% Marks for PG
  • Minimum 65% Marks for MS Programs
  • IELTS score minimum of 5.5 Overall (For English Programs)
  • B2 level in German (For German Programs)
  • APS Certificate


FREE Ausbildung Courses (Stipend Approx 1 Lac/Month)


  •  12th Pass with minimum 55% Marks 
  •  17 to 25 years
  • German B1 or B2 certificate
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Why Germany? Exploring Study Opportunities

Study in Germany Consultants in Gurgaon

Germany is famous for its outstanding education system and provides various educational options. Studying overseas is your plan, and has yet to decide about the country where you want to pursue your international education; Germany is one of the top destinations for quality education in Europe. Thousands of our students who enquire about overseas education opportunities in Europe choose Germany for their higher education and bright future. The quality of technical education, especially in engineering in German universities like TU 9, is highly respected and appreciated by industrial organizations worldwide. Some of the public universities in technical education are listed among the top 50 universities in the world, and a fascinating fact is that international students can study at these world-class universities without paying any tuition fees..



German Education System and Categories of Universities

German universities are divided according to the area of their specialization and academic programs.


  • Universities or Universitat concentrates on traditional academic programs in various disciplines and provides Bachelor’s, Master’s and research programs.

  • Technical Universities or Technische Universitat (TU) inGermany is known for their excellence in technical education, world-class amenities, and research facilities. TU provides STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) courses. 

  • Universities of Applied Science (Fachhochschulen, Hochschule fur Angewandte Wissenschaften) are educational institutions offering specialization in the field of practical studies like engineering, business and social sciences, as well as programs in related subjects in addition. Universities of Applied Science often collaborate with various industries and provide internships and practical training.
  •  Colleges of Art, Film and Music (Kunst-/Musikhochschulen) provide various courses related to creative disciplines such as arts, theatre, filmmaking and music. Colleges of Art, Film and Music emphasize practical training and artistic expression.
Choosing the Right Consultant

Choosing the Right Consultant

Finding the best education consultant is vital to ensure a seamless and enjoyable study abroad experience. Our overseas educational consultants offer free guidance and detailed information about Study in Germany programs and Prerequisites for admission to various educational programs in Germany. We will provide you with the essential aspects to consider, including the consultant’s experience, reputation, and services to help students.


Study abroad consultants offer personalized advice to help you select the best program and university according to your interests, educational background, and career goals. The educational consolers here have extensive knowledge of various destinations for study and can provide insight into the merits and demerits of taking a course in Germany.

Application Process

Application to overseas universities is a complicated process with multiple demands and dates. Germany educational consultants located in Gurgaon have years of experience aiding students in applying and providing detailed information about study in Germany programs, including the details of all the documents required, preparing your essay for submission and submitting your applications to the universities in Germany.

Visa Assistance and Student Permit

Obtaining a student visa and getting a student permit is a crucial step to begin studying abroad. Germany study abroad consultants are familiar with visa requirements and will guide you through the process of applying. Our study experts will explain the procedure for applying for visas and the required documents to ensure your visa application’s success.


The documents required to apply for a student visa from India are follwing


  • Original Passport
  • Admission offer letter from a university or an Ausbildung company
  • German /IELTS language requirements as applicable
  • Blocked account details for UG & Masters
  • 6 Months Bank Statements to show fund
  • All educational certificates
  • Work experience, if applicable
  • APS certificates for Masters

Our German education advisors will help you arrange the visa documents, open a Blocked account etc. For more information about Germany study visa process you can call us or also visit German Embassy in New Delhi website.




German education Consultants in Chennai
Exploring Top Universities in Germany

Germany hosts a variety of well-known universities that provide top-quality education. We will provide the list of the top universities in Germany with their rankings, the programs they offer, and admission conditions and provide you other helpful information that can assist you in making an informed decision regarding your choice of university.

Preparing for Life in Germany


Moving to a different country to pursue your studies requires preparation and adaptation. Students must look at the most essential aspects of life in Germany, including accommodations alternatives, healthcare transportation, and cultural adaption. Knowing these things in advance can help you feel more comfortable and prepared to embark on your study abroad adventure.


Scholarship and Financial Aid


The cost of financing your studies abroad could be a big issue for a lot of students. German experts in study abroad Gurgaon will provide details on the various scholarships and financial aid options for international students. Various financial aid and scholarship options help ease the cost that comes with the cost of studying in Germany.

Scholarships Details

1.     DAAD Scholarships

2.     DAAD EPOS Scholarship.

3.     DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholarship 

4.     Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships.

5.     Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Scholarships.

6.     Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships etc.


Support Services and Post-Arrival Assistance

Study in Germany consultants in Gurgaon provide a wide range of support services even after you arrive in Germany. Being the best Germany education consultants, GoGermany study visa consultants can provide admission advice to students studying at German public universities. We also provide the following services for our students.


·        Assistance for German Language Guidance to submit a college application

·        Visa interview preparation

·        Test prep

·        Free counselling for selecting the right university

·        Assistance in completing the student visa process

·        Immigration visa guidance

The various support services offered include airport pickup, accommodation assistance, and continuous support throughout your education. The knowledge the fact that you’ve got a trusted system of support that is in place will help make your time abroad more pleasant and less stress-inducing.


Part-time Job Rules for Students

40 hours a week and full time during breaks & long holidays.

Post Study Work Permit

2 years after completing studies.


These FAQs address frequently asked questions and offer additional information for students interested in studying abroad with the help of Germany Consultancy experts Gurgaon.



1.    What are the advantages of studying in Germany? 

 Studying in Germany provides numerous advantages to Indian students. The main factors that attract Indian students to Germany are the free education ( No –Tuition Fee) system at its public universities, quality education and reduced period for Permanent residency. (Reduced from 8 years to three years in 2023)


2. Why do students select German education consultancy instead of directly applying?

 Overseas education consultancy in Gurgaon has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in helping students navigate studying abroad. The competition for admission to public universities in Germany is high as students from all over the world apply for admission to these free study programs. The admission process of German public universities is complex and requires knowledge and expertise to apply to the right university for the right course. We offer admission assistance to German public universities at the lowest rate without advance payment and free service for private university admissions. Apart from that, our experienced expert in SOP drafting offers free SOP guidance to our students.

3.  What are the requirements for obtaining a visa to study in Germany?

The primary requirements for a German study visa are admission offer from any German educational institution, proof of funds for education in Germany (Not applicable for Ausbildung programs that offer a stipend to students), IELTS or German language certificates (IELTS for English and German for German medium programs) overseas education consultants in gurgaon for Germany can provide complete details and help with the student visa application.

4.    What are the services you provide to students in Gurgaon?

Yes, Being one of the best Germany education consultants in Gugugram, GoGermany agency can give you information about eligibility requirements, best courses, applications procedures and deadlines for scholarship applications as well as help you obtain admission to the top German study abroad programs, without TUITION FEE and exploring possibilities for funding to help you fund your studies at German universities within the private sector, too.

5.    What assistance can I expect from German educational experts within Gurgaon?

Top German education consultants in Gurgaon offer a variety of support services, such as advice on choosing a university aid in application and visa application assistance, pre-departure orientation, airport pick-up accommodations assistance and guidance on cultural adaptation and continuous assistance throughout your time abroad. They will ensure that you enjoy a pleasant stay in Germany.

6. Is the German language mandatory for studying in Germany?

No, the German language is required only for the courses taught in German. For English medium courses, the German language is not required.

7. What is Ausbildung Courses in Germany?

Ausbildung is a free vocational training program offered to students who have passed school education (12th class in India). It is a skill-based practical training program with high employability, and students are paid a monthly stipend (Approximately 1 Lac/Month). Moreover, no bank balance or blocked account is required for this program.


For more information about Bachelors ,Free Masters in Public Universities & Free Ausbildung Programs, Please send your enquiry or call us.  (Delhi & Kerala)


The experience of studying abroad can be a rewarding experience that leads to exciting possibilities and personal development. With assistance from German educational consultants, you can easily navigate the entire process of securing admission to top foreign universities. From deciding on the best program and school to post-arrival visa assistance and visa assistance, these experts are capable of catering to the needs of those who wish to pursue education in India or abroad and ensure an easy transition to your ideal university abroad if you are planning to study overseas.


In Short,


  • Germany Education consultants in Gurgaon offer professional guidance to students studying abroad.
  • They assist you in choosing the appropriate program and college according to your goals and goals.
  • Consultants can assist you in the application process, including deadlines and essays.
  • They can assist you with visas and navigating the problematic rules.
  • Discover the top schools in Germany and the admission requirements for them.
  • Be prepared for living in Germany, which includes accommodations, healthcare, and transport.
  • Consultants can provide information about the availability of scholarships and financial aid.
  • You will receive ongoing support services and help during your studies.
  • Studying abroad offers new opportunities and personal development.
  • Consultants for studying in Germany in Gurgaon let your dreams of studying abroad possibility.

    Also Contact us for job vacancies for fresh graduates in Germany.

For more information about Bachelors ,Free Masters in Public Universities & Free Ausbildung Programs, Please send your enquiry or call us.  (Delhi & Kerala)